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Textiles A Summer Session 4

Textiles Summer Session 4
July 4-15, 2021
Graham Keegan
Natural-Dye Block Print

How do you take color from a plant and adhere it to fabric? Answering this question will require us to answer these: What is fabric? What is the structure of color? How does one move and control each color? We’ll begin by extracting color from locally foraged plants, then we’ll work with extracts from plants grown specifically for their coloring components. With a solid understanding of different types of color and how they interact with fabrics, we’ll begin to shape and control their application onto the cloth. After carving simple printing blocks from a number of materials, we’ll print patterned cloths in many colors. By creating printing mediums of the right strength and consistency, we’ll explore the possibilities of layering print, color, and pattern. Students will create a collection of sample fabrics (24-inches square) with the intent of moving toward producing larger work. All levels. 

Studio artist, textile designer, and natural-dye advocate; teaching: Marshfield School of Weaving (VT), Snow Farm (MA), workshops across the country as part of his annual Indigo Tour; designs used by boutique designers and international brands on garments, home goods, wallpaper, and accessories.

diamond stamped pattern in black, white, and gold
Graham Keegan, detail of "Diamonds in Tessellation," madder, iron/tannin, cotton; woodblock print