Winter Residency

Penland Winter Residencies

Penland’s Winter Residency program is a short-term residency opportunity for artists seeking to work independently in one of our 16 studios during Penland’s quiet season. Practicing artists of all backgrounds and at any stage of their career are encouraged to apply for a 2-week or 4-week session. Shared studio access is provided to a small number of artists each session; we invite enough people to encourage conversation and creative camaraderie, but not so many that focused time in the studio is compromised. Residents’ time is their own; there are no workshops, critiques, or required activities. Our goal is to support creative experimentation by offering artists the time, space, and equipment they need to advance professional development.


Please see note under “Funding and Fees” about our new fellowships that cover residency fees.


Penland Winter Residencies are for:

  • Artists needing access to facilities for research and development that can be supported by Penland’s well-equipped studios
  • Art educators and administrators who are seeking focused studio time during a winter break or sabbatical
  • Collaborating artists who want to work on a specific project or simply alongside one another in order to share technical expertise and/or creative inspiration
  • Art professionals who need time away from daily responsibilities and distractions to focus on a creative project

“Winter at Penland provided state-of-the-art facilities and the serenity of its mountain setting to focus on my work in a manner I have not been afforded in many years. It allowed me to refresh my creative spirit and create an entirely new body of work. Since the winter months are particularly quiet, an intimate bond can be found with fellow artists who share the time. It is a unique time for intense focus in outstanding studios with a select number of highly-skilled makers.”

Critz Campbell
Penland Winter Resident


Penland Winter Residencies include:

  • Well-equipped studios, unfettered time, and a beautiful retreat setting
  • Self-paced access to one of the following studios: books, clay, drawing/painting, glass (hot shop, flame, or kiln,) iron, letterpress, metals, papermaking, photography, printmaking, textiles, and wood

Specific studio and equipment needs must be clearly outlined in your application.

Each of our studios will have an assistant in place to make sure that our studio equipment is running smoothly. Please note that our studio assistants are not instructors. We assume that all residents are able and willing to work independently.


Winter Residency Dates & Deadlines:

Apply from June 15 through August 16, 2021 for a 2022 winter residency. You can choose to stay for 2 or 4 weeks:

  • 2022 Winter Residency session 1: January 9-22
  • 2022 Winter Residency session 2: January 23-February 5 


2022 Winter Residency Funding and Fees

  • For 2022 residencies we are excited to announce that we will be able to offer thirty or more merit-based fellowships which remove the residency fee for a two-week residency. Available fellowships are limited;  anyone is eligible to request funding, but preference will be given to first-time applicants who reinforce our goals of rewarding artistic merit and achieving a diverse group of residents. 
  • There is a $30 application fee (paid through Slideroom with application). If this represents a barrier to submitting an application, please email to discuss a reduced application fee. 
  • The residency fee is $500 for two weeks in all studios with the following exceptions:
    • $800 for two weeks in flameworking (fee includes gas and torches; lathe access available by request only, applicant must include this request in their proposal)
    •  $1,500 for two weeks in the hot shop (fee includes 8-hr/day Monday-Friday access minus safety orientation and clean up; use of annealers, torches, hand tools, and garage; 24-hr access to hot shop kilns and cold shop)
  • Fees for consumable materials used during the residency will be assessed by our staff; one of our studio coordinators will email you a list of equipment and supplies available in your chosen studio once you have been accepted. This will help you determine which materials you can purchase from the studio and which materials you will need to bring from home.
  • Artists are responsible for their travel expenses and must supply their own food; meals are not provided but all residents will have access to a shared kitchen (please note that your kitchen assignment may not be in the same building as your housing.)
  • Housing costs vary depending on your choice of housing; we offer housing levels from a shared double/common bath to a private room/private bath. You will indicate your housing preference on the application. Resident arrival is on Monday between 1:00 and 5:00 pm; departure is on Saturday by noon.


Housing Rates for Two Weeks

  • Double/common bath: $250
  • Double/bath shared with roommate: $300
  • Single/common bath: $350
  • Single/private bath: $500


Refund/Cancellation Policy for Winter Residency

Penland makes a substantial investment when planning programs. Vacancies can be hard to fill even if there is a waiting list, so we must charge application fees to offset the cost of these vacancies. If you cancel on or before November 15th, you will receive a full refund minus a $100 application fee and the $30 processing fee. If you cancel after November 15th, there is no refund. 


How to Apply

Applications require:

  • Project Proposal: a concise description of the project or type of work you plan to pursue during your residency
  • Brief explanation of how a residency will grant you opportunity or access
  • Short bio which tells us something about you that may not be reflected in your CV
  • Preferred residency dates (session 1, 2, or both); you will be asked to submit your first and second choices
  • If you are interested in receiving a fellowship, please indicate this interest and, if you choose to, include a short statement to share how you, your work, or your project aligns with Penland’s commitment to creating a diverse group of residents.
  • If you are interested in being a studio assistant if the position is available, please indicate this interest.
  • Work samples: four images of recent work in digital format; these should be recent, representative of your best work, and relevant to your proposal
  • CV or resume: a one-page summary can include educational background, teaching, publications, exhibitions, awards, honors and other relevant experience
  • Reference: contact information (email and phone) for someone who can speak to your level of professionalism, seriousness of intent, and ability to work independently without instruction
  • Collaborators must submit individual applications; applications must contain a joint proposal of the work they intend to do while in residence and the same preferred residency dates. The acceptance of one collaborator does NOT guarantee the acceptance of the other.
  • All applications will be processed through SlideRoom.


Selection Criteria

We encourage practicing artists of all backgrounds and at any stage of career to apply for a residency. We celebrate varied ideas, world views, and personal characteristics, and are committed to being an organization that welcomes and respects everyone regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, race, religion, philosophical or political beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, nationality, geographic origin, and socioeconomic status.

Applications are reviewed by a national panel of artist peers, curators, educators, and other arts professionals who are looking for artists who demonstrate a proven level of proficiency in their work, engage in professional artistic practices, and present the ability to work independently in our studios. The panel’s dual goals are to reward artistic merit and achieve a diverse group of residents. Panelists rotate frequently to bring new perspectives to the application process.

All media supported by Penland’s studios are considered appropriate for the winter residency program. We cannot accommodate writers, dancers, or musicians.


COVID-19 Considerations

Penland’s on-campus protocols to protect against the spread of COVID-19 will continue to evolve as we receive new guidance from the CDC and state and local health officials. Winter Residents will receive more details in the fall about our on-campus health and safety practices, but please note that you will need to provide proof of full vaccination in order to participate in the Winter Residency.



 If you have additional questions related to Winter Residencies, please contact:

Nadia Massoud

This project is supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.