Visiting Penland

Visiting Penland

Penland’s main campus remains closed to visitors. The Gallery and Visitors Center is open with somewhat reduced hours. Visitors are also welcome at the studios of Penland’s resident artists. See information below.

Penland Gallery

Vistors are welcome at Penland, however, the main campus is closed to visitors during summer 2021 as we work to safely reopen our workshop program.

The Penland Gallery and Visitors Center is our educational center for the general public. Because access to the studios is limited, we created this sales and exhibition center to give our visitors a look at work created by artists associated with the school. The crafts shown and sold at the gallery are made by current and former instructors, students, and resident artists. Check the gallery page for current hours.

Campus tours are currently suspended as we work to safely reopen our workshop program.

You are also welcome to visit The Barns, which houses the studios of the Penland’s resident artists: fulltime craftspeople who live and work at the school. Although the resident artists do not keep specific hours, you will usually find someone working at The Barns.

The area surrounding the school is home to over 100 professional craft artists, many of whom have been associated with Penland. There are six independent studios in the immediate vicinity which are generally open to the public. There are many others in the surrounding counties which may be visited by appointment. The gallery staff can provide you with maps and information about these artists.

Directions to Penland (with a map)