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Penland offers 1 to 8-week workshops taught by visiting instructors in our well-equipped studios. Class topics include jewelry design and fabrication, metalsmithing, casting, working with pewter, setting stones, enameling, etching, forging, and more. Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.

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NOTE: Participation in Penland workshops currently requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Please read our COVID-19 Safety Guidelines document.

September 25 – 30, 2022
Heather Nuber
Make it Yours: Unique Chain

Working with copper and silver, students will learn various chain-making methods and how to adapt them. By playing with what’s around us, exploring beyond the jump ring, and sharing discoveries, we’ll expand design possibilities and develop unique chain. Techniques covered will include basic chain-making, soldering, cold connections, and variations of wire, sheet, loop-in-loop, bar, forged, and dimensional chain. We’ll also explore clasps, alternative materials, and finishings. Design exercises will spur ideas and experimentation. Students will leave with a trove of new chain samples and some finished chain. All levels. Upper metals studio

Studio artist; teaching: Indianapolis Art Center (IN), Touchstone Center for Craft (PA), Indiana University (IN); residencies: Birdsell Project (IN), Peninsula School of Art (WI); representation: Gallery 360 (MN), Gallery K (IN); exhibitions: Adorn Axis (online), Indianapolis Art Center (IN), Queerly Collective (online), Galerie Marzee (NL). | @heather.s.nuber

Heather Nuber, i'm doing okay, steel, cotton cording, pieces of my father's hospital gowns, 10 x 26 x 1-1/2 inches
Heather Nuber, i'm doing okay, steel, cotton cording, pieces of my father's hospital gowns, 10 x 26 x 1-1/2 inches
October 2 – November 11, 2022
Hiroko Yamada
Traditional Meets Contemporary: Jewelry and Metal

This workshop will focus on basic fabrication, forming, and texturing, including an introduction to Japanese surface decoration techniques such as zogan (inlay with wire, sheet metal, or foil), engraving, and patinas. As we progress, we’ll introduce mokume-gane, explore Japanese alloys such as shakudo and shibuichi, and make some of our own tools. We’ll also work with computer-aided design and 3D printing for lost-wax casting with stones in place. Fumiki Taguchi will join us as a virtual guest to teach Japanese chisel texturing. Students may make jewelry, other functional items, or small sculpture. All levels. Upper metals studio.

Studio artist and owner of HYART Gallery (WI); teaching: Madison College (WI), Haystack (ME), Arrowmont (TN), East Carolina University (NC), Kobe Design University (Japan), Kyoto Museum of Art (Japan); exhibitions: SOFA Chicago, Patina Gallery (NM), Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery (WA), Japan Traditional Art Metal Exhibition (Japan); exhibition director for “Tradition of Excellence: Japanese Techniques in Contemporary Metal Arts” at Penland Gallery and Metal Museum (TN) and “American Mokume-Gane Exhibition” (Japan). | @hyart_gallery

NOTE: This workshop takes place in a studio that has stairs that compromise access. It is made partially accessible by a stair lift.

Hiroko Yamada, Spirit, shakudo, copper, silver, shibuichi, Tahitian pearl
Hiroko Yamada, Spirit, shakudo, copper, silver, shibuichi, Tahitian pearl
Metals Spring Concentration
March 5 – April 28, 2023 (8 Weeks)
David Harper Clemons
Narrative Jewelry: Well-Worn Tales

Whether they are drama, mystery, social commentary, or personal history, stories can teach us lessons, memorialize events and people, and project the future. Students in this workshop will make wearable pieces and small sculpture. Guided technical and conceptual exercises will help them develop and hone their use of materials, iconography, and form to convey narratives through their work. We’ll cover surface embellishment, cold connections, soldering, mechanisms, hydraulic forming, casting, basic stonesetting, enameling, and using alternative materials. Bring curiosity and willingness to explore as you execute numerous pieces and live a great story during our eight weeks. All levels. Upper metals studio. 

Studio artist; teaching: University of Arkansas Little Rock, Haystack (ME), Pocosin Arts (NC), Arrowmont (TN), Penland; collections: Yale University Art Gallery (CT), Arkansas Art Center (AR), Metal Museum (TN), Renwick Gallery (DC); representation: Day in the Life Gallery (OR), Penland Gallery. | @harperclemons

David Harper Clemons, Point of Impact, silver, wood, pigment, 16 inches diameter
David Harper Clemons, Point of Impact, silver, wood, pigment, 16 inches diameter
Metals – Spring Short Session
April 30 – May 5, 2023 (4 studio days)
Funlola Coker
Metalsmiths and Bakers, Unite!

You don’t have to be a baker to take this workshop, but if you’ve ever dreamed of making the perfect set of measuring spoons, measuring cups, palette knives, or other baking utensils, this is the one for you! We will cover traditional metalsmithing techniques such as sawing, piercing, soldering, riveting, etc. You will be encouraged to embellish your pieces—using sawn, pierced, or forged elements—so your baking equipment will make professional bakers green with envy. This is a fun way to explore hollowware with practical results. We’ll work mostly with copper and brass, but students may choose to work with silver. All levels. Lower metals studio. 

Studio artist; teaching: Snow Farm (MA), Haystack (ME); Arts Memphis Arts Accelerator Grant (TN), Thayer Fellowship from the State University of New York Rockefeller Institute of Government; exhibitions: Brooklyn Metalworks (NYC), Fuller Craft Museum (MA), Tone Gallery (TN), Metal Museum (TN). | @funlolacoker

metal utensils by funlola coker
Funlola Coker, Utensils, forged Britannia silver, fabricated brass and copper, largest: 6-1/2 inches long