Penland Events 2021

The Penland Gallery and Visitors Center is now open. The studios of the Penland Resident Artists are open. The main campus, including the supply store and coffee house are open; masks are required in the coffee house. The teaching studios are closed to the public. 

Annual Benefit Auction

We’re celebrating the 2021 Penland Benefit Auction again as a weeklong virtual gala. Silent auctions will open online on August 21, and the week will culminate with a live auction streamed right to your screen on August 28. Register now!

Slide Presentations

We do not have any public events scheduled this summer, but we will be posting instructor digital slide presentation on our YouTube channel during each session. Slide presentations will be available at 8:15 PM on the day listed and will be available until the end of the session. Here’s the schedule.

July 6: clay: Juan Barroso, Forrest Lesch-Middelton; wood: Sylvie Rosenthal; drawing: Steve Johnson

July 8: iron: Vivian Beer, Hannah Vaughan, metals: Richard Elaver, Adam Atkinson, Everett Hoffman

July 13: books and paper: Frank Hamrick; print: Kasey Ramirez; letterpress: Jim Sherraden; textiles: Graham Keegan

July 14: glass: Heather Trimlett; glass: Corey Pemberton, Cedric Mitchell; writing resident: Madison Manning

July 20: clay: George Bowes, Judith Salomon, Kenneth Baskin; photo: Sean Dyroff

July 22: metals: Masako Onodera, Adam Whitney; painting: Timothy Maddox

July 27: paper: Elizabeth Alexander; books: John DeMerritt; wood: Yuri Kobayashi, Chelsea Witt

July 29: glass: Kimberly Thomas-Zii; letterpress: Brad Vetter; print: Andrew Polk, Kathryn Polk

August 10: clay: Michael Sherrill; wood: Daniel Michalik; textiles: Betty Maney

August 12: iron: Haley Woodward; metals: Cat Bates; print: Asuka Ohsawa

August 17: photo: Christina Z. Anderson; books and paper: Susan Gosin, Cynthia Nourse Thompson

August 18: glass: Raven Skyriver, Mathieu Grodet

August 23: clay: Heesoo Lee, Aisha Harrison; wood: Brandy Clements, Dave Klingler

August 24: paper art: Leigh Suggs; photo and papermaking: May Babcock, Lindsey Beal; books: Shanna Leino

August 25: metals: Kim Cridler, Edna Madera; iron: Meghan Martin

August 26: glass: David Willis; letterpress: Rick Griffith; textiles: Stephanie Metz, Hillary Waters Fayle