Accessibility and the Penland Campus

The Penland campus is located on uneven, hilly terrain that poses accessibility challenges. The following studios are wheelchair accessible: books, clay, drawing and painting, glass, iron, letterpress and printmaking, lower metals, photography, papermaking, and wood. The upper metals studio and both textiles studios have stairs that limit access; both are made partially accessible by stair lifts that will lift a person but not a wheelchair or other mobility aids.

Housing that meets ADA standards is available in Arbor House and in some units in The Roost, Dorm 54, Radcliffe, and the Sleeping Cabins. Accessible parking is found at the dining hall and at all studios. Several golf carts are available for use on campus.

While we do our best to accommodate all students, we know that our campus is not accessible for everyone. We are happy to talk with you about what our campus can or cannot do in this regard. Please contact our registrar to discuss in more depth how we can help you come to Penland: 828-765-2359, ext. 1306 or And please know that improved access is part of our long-range campus planning.

We are working on adding more detailed accessibility information to this page. Please check back.