Strategic Plan

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Penland School of Craft Strategic Plan


Our Mission:

Make Lives Meaningful
through making.


Our Vision:

Making Better
by leading with Access, Inclusion, and Sustainability.



This strategic plan was created at a fractured moment.

This plan was developed not only as the world contended with a devastating pandemic, but also as our nation confronted its overdue reckoning with race and experienced immense political divides. Amidst this tumultuous backdrop, the Penland School of Craft’s Board of Trustees, Staff, and Key Stakeholders came together to seek greater certainty. What we discovered is a deeper understanding of what it takes to create positive change and how reaching for that positive change raises the stakes and demands courage.

Our vision of Making Better by leading with Access, Inclusion, and Sustainability sets a revolutionary course for Penland. Throughout the planning process, we examined the traditions and values that serve as the organization’s foundation, while simultaneously recognizing and engaging with a history of exclusion and inaccessibility based on race, class, and privilege. We celebrated our capacity to offer an immersive learning experience, a location and campus that facilitates transformation, and a supportive and reciprocal community. We defined a strategic agenda that seeks to create new pathways to embrace a full spectrum of makers, build a business model that supports inclusion, and invest in our greatest asset: our people.

In our own pursuit of Making Better, we aspire to be a part of the larger effort to re-make the craft field— opening to new ideas, expanding opportunities, and exploring different and emerging ways of creating.


Plan Definitions

Vision – The ultimate impact we seek to deliver.
Mission – Our purpose. The reason why we exist.
Values – The core principles/beliefs that guide how we take action.
Goals – What we wish to achieve over the next three years.
Strategic Pathways – How we will go about reaching our goals.

Plan facilitated by:
Creation In Common, LLC