Workshop Fees

Cost of Materials

Tuition does not cover the cost of materials used for students’ own production. (Hot glass tuition does cover the cost of clear glass in the furnaces.) Most workshops require you to bring certain materials and tools with you, and all of them have a studio fee—that is not included as part of tuition—for supplies used by the group. We will notify enrolled students of the estimated studio fee in advance. Look for this information on your materials list.

Registration Information


The tables below include fees paid by students who have partial scholarships with work requirements.

Scholarship Information

Fees: Spring Concentration and Short Session

Note: Participation in spring workshops will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination; please plan accordingly.

SPRING TUITIONConcentration (8-Weeks)Short Session (4-Days)
Hot glassN/A$1,298

Regular (~20-hr per week work requirement)$3,218$415
Hot glass (~10-hr per week work requirement)N/A$597

Students who receive a partial scholarship with work requirement receive shared dormitory housing and meals at no additional charge as part of their scholarship package. All students pay a studio materials fee at the end of the session. Note: there are no scholarships for weekend sessions.

SPRING ROOM + ALL MEALSConcentration (8-Weeks)Short Session (4-days)
Double/common bath$4,865$904
Double/bath shared with roommate$4,956$1,094
Single/shared bath$5,243$1,422
Single/private bath$5,526$1,802

SPRING MEALS FOR OFF-CAMPUS STUDENTSConcentration (8-Weeks)Short Session (4-days)
All meals$2,515$386
Lunch & Dinner$2,200$295
Lunch only$977$130
Dinner Only$1,221$166

Cancellation and Refunds

Please read our cancellation and refund policy here.