Studio Assistantships

Studio Assistantships

Penland studio assistantshipsStudio assistants are students who assist instructors and are responsible for maintaining the school’s standards for studio operation. They receive housing and meals and pay only the $50 nonrefundable processing fee. They are selected based on their knowledge of a working studio. In addition to 25–40 hours of work each week, studio assistants are required to work from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on the day before and 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM the day after their session; they must make travel arrangements which will allow them to meet this requirement. If you cannot meet this requirement, please do not apply.

Many instructors select their own assistants; available positions will be listed on this page and on Slideroom. Applicants must submit images of their work and at least two references.

International students note: Because the U.S. government considers our work-study scholarship and studio assistantship programs to be work for hire, students who are not U.S. citizens may not receive work-study scholarships or studio assistantships unless they have a work permit.

Summer 2020 Studio Assistant Positions

Books & Paper
Session 2: Delaney Smith – Recording Surfaces
Session 3: Frank Hamrick – Handmade Paper & Artists’ Books
Session 5: John DeMerritt – Contained Within: Boxes & Enclosures
Session 7: Jeffrey Altepeter – Traditional Calf Bindings

Session 3: Shiyuan Xu – Building Structures with Paperclay
Session 4: Forrest Lesch-Middelton – Handmade Tile: Design, Create, Install
Session 7: Heesoo Lee – Dimensional Expression on Ceramic Surfaces
Session 7: Elena Renker – Kurinuki

Drawing & Painting
Session 3: Rosy Lamb – Painting What You See
Session 5: Alberto Mier – Sketchbook: Your Creative Playground
Session 6: Yolanda Sánchez – Sense of Place

Session 2: Caterina Zucchi – Blown Glass Beads: Skills & Shapes
Session 4: Anne Petters – The Poetics of Glass

Session 1: Christoph Friedrich – From Techniques to Ideas
Session 3: Ellen Durkan – Fitting & Forging: Wearable Bustiers & Chest Pieces

Session 3: Jaydan Moore – Fabrication
Session 7: Edna Madera – Gold Fusing
Session 7: Kim Cridler – Drawn: The Sensitive Line

Session 3: Richard Tuschman – The Poetic Photograph

Print & Letterpress
Session 3: Jim Sherraden – Opening & Pushing the Envelope in Letterpress

Session 1: Andrea Donnelly – Woven Cloth, Raw Material
Session 3: Graham Keegan – Natural Dye Block Print
Session 4: Adele Stafford – Cloth Is Material


Apply here. Applications are due by 11:59 PM Eastern time on February 17.