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Spring Short Session Textiles

Textiles – Spring Short Session
April 30 – May 5, 2023 (4 studio days)
Kim Mirus
Threading Heddles and Throwing Shuttles

From winding warps to throwing shuttles, we’ll explore all the exciting aspects of weaving on floor looms. We’ll set up a variety of looms with options ranging in complexity, and everyone will use them to experiment with woven structures using four- and eight-shaft patterns. Then each student will choose one of the looms and use it to weave more samples or a self-directed piece of their own design. Everyone will leave with a collection of samples and small woven pieces as well as the skills and confidence to weave independently. All levels. Second-floor textiles studio. 

Note: this workshop takes place in a second-floor walk-up studio that has partial access by a stair lift.

Studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), The Crucible (CA), K-12 public schools (CA), Penland; residencies: The Arctic Circle (Svalbard), MASS MoCA (MA), SÍM (Iceland), Penland Winter Residency (NC), ReCreative Denver (CO), Arrowmont Pentaculum (TN), Hambidge Center (GA), Icelandic Textiles Center; exhibitions: Wolpert Gallery (TN), ReCreative Denver (CO), 808 Projects (CO), SÍM Gallery (Iceland). | @kimmirus

weaving by Kim Mirus
Kim Mirus, Tenuous Ice, handwoven cotton and vintage silk, 30 x 30 inches
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Textiles Spring Concentration

Textiles Spring Concentration
March 5 – April 28, 2023 (8 Weeks)
Celia Pym
Visible Mending: Damage and Repair

This workshop will explore textile repair: how and why to do it. Students will develop skills for making visible repairs with hand-stitched darning, embroidery, and patching. We’ll play with ideas, color, and materials, and explore narratives, damage and decision making, the qualities of tenderness and care in mending, and mending’s relationship with fashion and the environment. Students will work on their own garments and those of others. A playful attitude and openness to ideas is central to this workshop.  All levels. Third-floor textiles studio.

Studio artist; teaching: Royal College of Art (London), London College of Fashion; exhibitions: Herald St (London), Firstsite (UK), Harewood Biennial: Radical Acts (UK), Trading Museum (Paris), Victoria and Albert Dundee (Scotland); collections: Crafts Council UK, Nouveau Musée National de Monaco. | @celiapym

Celia Pym, Bill’s Sweater, owner’s original handknit sweater, yellow wool darning (photo by Michele Panzeri)
Celia Pym, Bill’s Sweater, owner’s original handknit sweater, yellow wool darning (photo by Michele Panzeri)