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Textiles B Summer Session 4

Textiles Summer Session 4
July 5-17, 2020
Adele Stafford
Cloth Is Material

This workshop will be a rich examination of the materiality of fiber and its narrative influence on handwoven cloth and our design process. We’ll trace fiber stories from origin through finished works. Ranging from the last organic cotton farmers in West Texas to the importance of Landrace wool cultivation, discussions will touch on fiber agriculture and processing, sustainability. and cultural ownership. Through sketching, writing, and sampling, students will be asked to create woven work deeply integrating material and form. We’ll cover a variety of fundamental weaving drafts, hand finishing methods, and decorative weaving techniques including leno and overlay. All levels. NOTE: Textiles workshops are taught in walk-up studios accessible by a stair lift. Code 04TB

Studio artist, vice president of client services at Higg Co, providing sustainability assessment tools to apparel and textile industries; Albers Foundation research residency (CT); lectures: Museum Design Summit (Santa Fe), DO Lectures (CA); collections: Rhode Island School of Design.

model wearing a white sweater with a woven detail along the bottom
Adele Stafford, "Fragments of Appalachia," Black Thorn Farm wool; overshot float