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Books & Paper P Summer Session 4

Books & Paper Summer Session 4
July 5-17, 2020
Andrea Peterson
Papermaking in the Field

In this workshop, we’ll dive into making paper from a variety of plants: garlic leaf, field pea stem, sisal, cattails, hay, and wheat straw plus other possibilities presented locally, which may include knotweed, kudzu, and garlic mustard. We’ll cover selecting and gathering plants, intensive cooking, beating, pigmenting, and sheet forming. With our dry papers, we’ll explore fold strength, surface dyeing, paste papers, and suminagashi to fully understand the capability of these fibers as finished paper. This physically active workshop will include harvesting plants by hand and cooking fiber over a wood fire. All levels. Code 04PM

Assistant Professor at School of the Art Institute of Chicago; exhibitions: Brauer Museum of Art (IN), Kral Art Center (MI), Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking (GA); collections: Metropolitan Museum (NYC), Fort Wayne Museum (IN).

selection of green, brown, purple, and blue handmade papers
Andrea Peterson, "Natural Fiber Paper," various fibers, 18 x 24 inches each