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Clay A Summer Session 4

Clay Summer Session 4
July 4-15, 2021
Juan Barroso
Clay as Canvas

This workshop will explore the possibilities of clay when it is viewed and formed as a canvas for imagery and visual narratives. We’ll work with black underglaze and a variety of techniques including pointillism, sgraffito, mishima, and watercolor underglaze painting. We’ll cover the process for planning and drawing an image or pattern before transferring the outline to the clay surface for painting. There will be daily surface design and wheelthrowing demonstrations, discussions about our narratives, and plenty of time for experimentation. This workshop will be exciting for artists new to clay as well as experienced ceramic artists wishing to add image rendering to their clay studio tool set. We’ll use porcelain and stoneware with oxidation firings in electric kilns. All levels. Upper clay studio.

Studio artist; teaching: University of North Texas; Ceramics Monthly Emerging Artist Award; exhibitions: Companion Gallery (TN), Encounters/Encuentros (CA); representation: Companion Gallery.

Juan Barroso, "Honoring Textile Labor," porcelain, underglaze, 23 x 12 x 12 inches