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Textiles A Summers Session 6

Textiles Summer Session 6
August 9-21, 2020
Yoshiko I. Wada
Boro Transformed

In this workshop focused on the individual’s journey of making marks on fabric, we’ll reinterpret the Japanese folk tradition of boro (tattered, mended, patched, pieced items). We’ll listen to the dialogue between maker and materials, exploring mending processes and strengthening fabric by dyeing it in an organic indigo vat. Topics will include stitching, piecing, patching, mending, fulling, mark making, painting, and distressing. This alternative, creative process records the history of reuse, repair, and time spent stitching, bringing boro’s imperfect beauty to the surface in our consciousness. All levels. NOTE: Textiles workshops are taught in walk-up studios accessible by a stair lift. Code 06TA

Studio artist, curator, president of World Shibori Network, founder of Slow Fiber Studios (CA); Smithsonian Master of the Medium award; fellowships: Japan Foundation (Tokyo), James Renwick Alliance (DC), Center for Japanese Studies at University of California-Berkeley; author of multiple books on shibori, kimono, boro, and contemporary textile art.

stitched and pieced indigo cloth
Yoshiko I. Wada, "Boro Sample," various textiles, indigo