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Textiles A Summers Session 6

Textiles Summer Session 6
July 31–August 12
Tomoko Torimaru and Yoshiko I. Wada
Boro Transformed and One Needle, One Thread

In this dynamic workshop, we’ll reinterpret the Japanese folk tradition of boro (tattered, mended, patched items) and delve into the Miao traditions of stitchery and piecework. We’ll make a folded case to keep threads, learn basic stitches for ornament and reinforcement, and create intricate fabric mosaics and appliqués from scrap fabrics. Topics will include stitching, piecing, patching, mending, fulling, and strengthening fabric by dyeing it in an organic indigo vat. These processes will record the history of reuse, repair, and the time spent stitching, bringing boro’s imperfect beauty and hidden value to the surface. All levels. Upper textiles studio.

Tomoko: researcher, author, teacher; author of One Needle, One Thread: Miao (Hmong) embroidery and fabric piecework from Guizhou, China, co-author of Imprints On Cloth: 18 Years Of Field Research Among The Miao People Of Guizhou, China.

Yoshiko: studio artist, curator, author/co-author of books on shibori, kimono, boro, and contemporary textile art; teaching: Haystack (ME), Arrowmont (TN), National Institute of Design (India), Okinawa Prefecture Fine Arts University (Japan); honorary fellow of the American Craft Council, president of World Shibori Network, two Japan Foundation fellowships, co-chair of all eleven International Shibori Symposia. | @yoshiko_wada_

Yoshiko I. Wada, Boro Sample, various textiles, indigo
Yoshiko I. Wada, Boro Sample, various textiles, indigo