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Books & Paper P Summer Session 1

Books & Paper Summer Session 1
May 24 – June 5, 2020
Hong Hong
Body & Landscape: The Large-Scale Pour

An expansion on Nagashizuki and Nepalese papermaking, the large-scale paper pour is an active, environmental process. We’ll begin with fundamentals such as bark cooking, pulp beating, and vat dyeing. Then we’ll collaborate to make 8 x 8 foot sheets of paper while exploring pattern-making and mark-making techniques such as spraying, dripping, sprinkling, wet collaging, and embedding. Students will build their own 4 x 8 foot moulds for class and home use. In this physically demanding workshop, we’ll work indoors and out, individually and collectively. All levels. Code 01PM

Studio artist; teaching: Women’s Studio Workshop (NY), Wellesley University (MA), Longwood University (VA); residencies: MacDowell (NH), Yaddo (NY); solo exhibitions: Yeiser Art Center (KY), Bedford Gallery (VA), Lane Art Gallery (OR).

Portrait of Hong Hong with one of her large-scale sheets
Hong Hong, the artist with "Composition for That Which Is Real," mulberry bark, dye, salt, sun, water, dust, pollen, hair, repurposed paper, 192 x 144 inches