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Books & Paper P Summer Session 1

Books & Paper Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Imin Yeh
Paper Work

This technical and conceptual workshop will push the limits of paper as a sculptural medium. Students will build their work through formal exercises in paper engineering, pattern making, paper cutting, and molding. Using this commonplace, cheap, ephemeral material, we’ll explore the critical act of copying and transforming objects. We’ll look at contemporary artists and designers who have used paper in book forms as well as interactive, sculptural, and photographic work. A few short exercises will build technique and then students will design and create their own work, which might range from objects to installations. All levels. NOTE: This is not a hand papermaking workshop, and it will take place in the books studio. 

Assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University (PA); awards: Women’s Studio Workshop Artist Book Grant (NY), Fleischhacker Foundation Eureka Fellowship (CA); recent exhibitions: Ithaca College (NY), College of New Jersey, Jewish Museum (CA), San Jose Museum of Art (CA), Asian Art Museum (CA).

Imin Yeh, "Paper Mushrooms: A Sculpture for Dark Places That Is High in Potassium," digitally-printed paper, 5 x 5 x 5 inches