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Print & Letterpress X Summer Session 1

Print & Letterpress Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Althea Murphy-Price
Photo Lithography: The Captured Image

Photo lithography is a process by which images are photographically transferred to an aluminum plate and printed by hand. While its first uses were commercial, today it is a widely used approach for printmaking with the ability to translate photographic images. This workshop will explore many versatile approaches to photo lithography. We’ll learn to execute a photo lithograph using drawing, photography, and experimental approaches. This is a workshop for creators who love to draw, work photographically, or are looking for new approaches to image-making using found objects and textures. We’ll also cover multiple-layer color printing. All levels. Print studio.

Studio artist and associate professor at University of Tennessee-Knoxville; residencies: Sanbao Institute (China), Brandywine Workshop (PA), Venice Printmaking Studio (Italy); exhibitions: Halsey Institute (SC), Vanderbilt University (Nashville), Knoxville Museum of Art (TN), Huntsville Museum of Art (AL).

print of two pigtails elaborately braided and tied with colorful bows
Althea Murphy-Price, "More Please," photo lithography, collage, screenprint, 30 x 22 inches
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Metals B Summer Session 1

Metals Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Nicole Jacquard
Make, Think, Discuss, Repeat

Creating work can be isolating, and approaching the bench can sometimes seem daunting. Students in this workshop will approach the studio fresh each day and be challenged to create a daily piece from particular prompts. We’ll combine idea generation, material studies, and technical demonstrations, plus short readings for inspiration and understanding the creative process. Challenges will be set every day, including starting points for exploration, demonstrations of basic techniques and mechanisms, and explorations of traditional and unusual materials. The goal is for students to think beyond their normal working routine and explore the potential they have either forgotten or didn’t realize they had. All levels. Lower metals studio.

Associate professor and metals coordinator at Indiana University; two Fulbright fellowships; ten solo exhibitions and over 100 invitational/juried exhibitions in US, Europe, Asia, and Australia; collections: International Ceramics Studio (Hungary), Riga Porcelain Museum (Latvia).

enameled metal piece with flower design
Nicole Jacquard, "Passion Pink," copper, laser engraved enamel, silver, galvanized steel, stainless steel, 3-1/2 x ¾ x 4-1/2 inches
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Metals A Summer Session 1

Metals Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Rachel Shimpock

This dive into electroformed copper plating will emphasize process, technique, and experimentation. We’ll begin by learning how to prepare your small items for the electroforming baths in the studio and then cover making and using a small, home plating system. We’ll also make a pen plater and play with alternative plating solutions. Finally we’ll apply vitreous enamel to plated forms and learn a technique for “drawing” with plating metal and enamel. With proper preparation, metallic, nonmetallic, and organic items can all be plated. Rachel’s book of secrets is open, and all levels are welcome! Upper metals studio.

Associate professor at Long Beach City College (CA) and California State University Long Beach (CA); collections: Enamel Arts Foundation (Los Angeles); galleries: Mora (NC), Shibumi (San Francisco), Form & Concept (NM); publications: Food as Art by Carolyn Tillie, Metalsmith, Ornament.

electroformed piece of bread as a pendant
Rachel Shimpock, "Full Piece of Toast Necklace," toast, copper, enamel, brass, 4 x 4 inches
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Iron Summer Session 1

Iron Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Andrew Kyte 
Distilling Design

In this workshop we’ll condense design ideas into focused sample/study pieces. Students will explore, draw, model, and experiment to produce iron sketches. These sketches will then be edited to establish a clear idea for each student’s final study piece. As we work through this process, we’ll cover a broad range of forging, fabricating, and finishing techniques. And we’ll spend some time each day discussing the work of other artists to inspire ideas. All levels. 

Owner of Kyte Metalwerks (MI), focusing on architectural commissions and public art; demonstrator at many blacksmith conferences; collections: Inglis Estate (MI), Washington National Cathedral (DC).

forged steel arch shape
Andrew Kyte, "Portal #11," mild steel, 38 x 16 x 2 inches
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Glass B Summer Session 1

Glass Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Daniel Clayman and Fred Kahl
MMM: Metaphysical Material Manipulation

We live in a physical world, communicate in digital space, and exist in a metaphysical dimension. This project-based workshop for sculptors of all skill levels will explore ways of synthesizing these experiences, in and out of the glass studio, to create sculpture with intention, purpose, and meaning. The instructors will guide students in combining digital design and manufacturing with centuries-old mold making and glass techniques. Bring a laptop, a sketchbook, pencils, ratty clothes, and a meditation cushion, and we’ll straddle the analogue/digital divide in pursuit of great art! Working throughout the entire Penland glass studio, we’ll cover 3-D modeling, CNC carving, 3-D printing, mold making for kiln casting, hot casting with graphite molds, and mold blowing. Twenty-first century glassmaking is all about the right tool for the right job. Let’s leverage the best of digital and analogue, and put it together in a divine digilogue. All levels. Hot shop.

Daniel: artist/educator; Effron Family Endowed Chair in Glass Studies at University of the Arts (Philadelphia); has been a visiting critic at Rhode Island School of Design and artist-in-residence at Tyler School of Art (Philadelphia) and Massachusetts College of Art and Design; collections: Corning Museum (NY), de Young Museum (San Francisco), High Museum (Atlanta), Museum of Arts and Design (NYC), Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Renwick Gallery (DC). Fred: artist, designer, magician, sword swallower, yogi, inventor; residencies: TED (NYC), Tacoma Museum of Glass (WA), The Studio at Corning (NY), StarWorks (NC), Wheaton Arts Center (NJ); has been staff, student, teaching assistant, and instructor at Pilchuck (WA).  |  @danielclayman  |  @fredini

See some of Fred’s work in this neat video!

Daniel Clayman, "Radiant Landscape," glass, steel cable, copper rivets, 26 x 44 x 42 feet
Fred Kahl, "Manipura," hot-assembled cast glass from CNC-carved graphite molds, 16 x 16 x 16 inches
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Drawing & Painting Summer Session 1

Drawing & Painting Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Julie Snidle
Encaustic and Mixed Media

This workshop will give you a safe and thorough foundation for painting with the fascinating medium of encaustic with plenty of time to explore its possibilities. We’ll begin with a brief history and then cover safety, tools, materials, painting, and fusing. Daily demonstrations will focus on technique and wax’s special characteristics, such as opacity, temperature, adhesion, and texture. Techniques will include collage, transfers, and combining oil and wax. And we’ll venture outside in search of nature’s inspiration, tools, and stamps. This workshop will also cover studio setup, framing, and presentation of work. All levels. 

Studio artist; teaching: International Encaustic Conference (MA); core support artist educator for R&F Handmade paints, artistic ambassador for Ampersand Art Panels; exhibitions: Marin MOCA (CA), The Painting Center (NYC); representation: Kolman & Pryor Gallery (Minneapolis).

abstract composition in shades of peach, blue-grey, and white
Julie Snidle, "Moment of Truth," encaustic on panel, 24 x 24 inches
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Clay B Summer Session 1

Clay Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Linda Lopez
Handbuilding, Abstraction, and Colored Porcelain

In this workshop we’ll use handbuilding techniques and colored porcelain to create abstracted ceramic sculptures. Through experiments and exercises, students will investigate and translate the world around us to create an abstract visual vocabulary. Using sketches and maquettes, we’ll create a series of playful objects, focusing on repetition, texture, and color. Demonstrations will be centered on object construction and colored-porcelain tests. At the end of the workshop, each student will have created a catalog of porcelain tests and a series of small abstracted objects. We’ll do oxidation firing in electric kilns. All levels. Lower clay studio.

Assistant professor at University of Arkansas-Fayetteville; other teaching: Haystack (ME), Ox-Bow (MI); exhibitions: Museum of Arts and Design (NYC), Greenwich House Pottery (NYC), Craft Contemporary (CA); representation: Mindy Solomon Gallery (FL), David B. Smith Gallery (CO).

Linda Lopez, "Orange/Pink Ombre Bend Dust Furry," porcelain, 9-1/2 x 7-3/4 x 7 inches
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Clay A Summer Session 1

Clay Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Emily Reason 
Making Methods for Making Pots

New and seasoned potters are invited to join this workshop focused on skill development and the thoughtful creation of utilitarian pots. Discussions and exercises will provoke food-inspired designs for cups, bowls, and serving pieces. We’ll bring our ideas to fruition using stoneware clay formed with slab, pinch, coil, and wheel throwing techniques and bisque molds. Students will learn about gas, reduction, and, potentially, salt/soda firing processes and can expect to take home pieces from those firings along with bisque ware. Beginning level, experienced students are also welcome. Upper clay studio.

Instructor in the professional craft program at Haywood Community College (NC); other teaching: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mars Hill University (NC), Campbell Folk School (NC), Penland; residencies: Energy Xchange (NC), Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts (NC); collections: Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art (NE); exhibitions: Smithsonian Craft Show (DC), Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show (DC); representation: Flow Gallery (NC).

Emily Reason, "Mugs in Landscape Glaze," stoneware, glaze, 3-1/2 by 4 x 4 inches each
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Books & Paper P Summer Session 1

Books & Paper Summer Session 1
May 23 – June 3, 2021
Imin Yeh
Paper Work

This technical and conceptual workshop will push the limits of paper as a sculptural medium. Students will build their work through formal exercises in paper engineering, pattern making, paper cutting, and molding. Using this commonplace, cheap, ephemeral material, we’ll explore the critical act of copying and transforming objects. We’ll look at contemporary artists and designers who have used paper in book forms as well as interactive, sculptural, and photographic work. A few short exercises will build technique and then students will design and create their own work, which might range from objects to installations. All levels. NOTE: This is not a hand papermaking workshop.

Assistant professor at Carnegie Mellon University (PA); awards: Women’s Studio Workshop Artist Book Grant (NY), Fleischhacker Foundation Eureka Fellowship (CA); recent exhibitions: Ithaca College (NY), College of New Jersey, Jewish Museum (CA), San Jose Museum of Art (CA), Asian Art Museum (CA).

Imin Yeh, "Paper Mushrooms: A Sculpture for Dark Places That Is High in Potassium," digitally-printed paper, 5 x 5 x 5 inches