Fall Concentration

Fall Six-Week Concentration:
October 3 – November 12, 2021

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Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.

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NOTE: Participation in fall workshops will require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

Clay Fall Concentration
October 3 – November 12 (six weeks)
Ben Carter
Low-Fire is Cooler

This workshop will focus on the rich history of low-fire ceramics with the goal of integrating surface design with both handbuilt and thrown/altered pottery. Students will use a variety of surface design methods—including  slip decorating, sgraffito, stamping, and transfer techniques—to create patterns that are steeped with meaning and personal resonance. During the workshop we’ll discuss aesthetic issues (proportion, color theory, etc.); making strong, functional pots at low-fire temperatures; and creative problem-solving in the studio. We’ll work with terracotta clay and fire in electric kilns. All levels.

Studio artist; host of the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast; teaching: workshops in U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; residencies: Anderson Ranch (CO), Archie Bray (MT), Guldagergaard Research Center (Denmark); author of Mastering the Potter’s Wheel; representation: The Clay Studio (Philadelphia), Schaller Gallery (MI).

carterpottery.com | @carterpottery

NOTE: Participation in fall workshops will require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

work by Ben Carter
Ben Carter, Swirl Pitcher, cone 03 earthenware, slips, underglaze, glaze, 12 x 7 x 6 inches
Glass Fall Concentration
October 3 – November 12 (six weeks)
Jeremy Bert and Jen Elek
Illumination Projects in Glass

This workshop, designed for artists interested in the potential of illumination in their work, will focus on light and its relationship with glass. The workshop will center around the foundations of glassblowing and creating sculpture that explores glass’s ability to magnify, diffuse, and reflect light. Students will work with candlelight, LED, incandescent, and neon as sources of illumination. We’ll spend significant time in the hot-shop producing 3-D glass sketches with the specific goal of manipulating light. Jeremy will join the workshop for four weeks of work in the neon studio, beginning with the basics of standard neon tube production. Topics will include foundational forms in the hot shop, color techniques, cold working, basic electrical wiring, neon tube manipulation, and portable light projects. All levels.

NOTE: Because of the close contact involved in hot shop work, participation in this workshop will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Jeremy: mixed media artist, licensed sign electrician, neon tube bender; teaching: Pilchuck (WA), UrbanGlass (NYC), Penland; exhibitions: Museum of Glass (WA); representation: Traver Gallery (Seattle).

Jen: studio artist; member of Lino Tagliapietra hot shop team for 15 years; teaching: Pilchuck (WA), UrbanGlass (NYC), Jam Factory (Australia), Penland; collections: Museum of Glass (WA), Toyama Glass School Museum (Japan); representation: Traver Gallery (WA); Pilchuck trustee.

jenelek.com | @jelekff

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NOTE: Participation in fall workshops will require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.
Most campus activities will return to normal operating procedures.

Work by Jeremy Bert and Jen Elek
Jeremy Bert and Jen Elek, Thunder Mounds, glass, neon, transformer, QTO cable, switch, 22 x 8 x 8 inches, 11 x 18 x 18 inches
Iron Fall Concentration
October 3 – November 12 (six weeks)
Shawn HibmaCronan
Steel Sculpture: Set in Motion

This workshop will focus on creating activated sculptures intended to move, evolve, and interact with their environment. Beginning with the basics, we’ll cover a wide range of metal fabrication and assembly techniques along with many tips and tricks for problem-solving and working safely and efficiently with a variety of tools. Topics will include design for movement, layout, 3-D mockup, cutting, drilling, threading, mill and lathe machining, plasma cutting, MIG and TIG welding, basic tube/bar/sheet forming, and metal finishing. This workshop will be great for those new to metalwork as well as experienced students who are interested in broadening and refining their skill set. All levels.

NOTE: This workshop will not cover forging.

Studio artist; teaching: Crucible School (CA), Penland; student mentor at California College of the Arts; residencies: Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop (San Francisco), Oakland Museum of California; exhibitions: San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (CA), Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, commissions: Compass Books at San Francisco Airport, Lowe Enterprises, many private clients.

shawnhibmacronan.com | @shawnhibmacronan

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NOTE: Participation in fall workshops will require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.
Most campus activities will return to normal operating procedures.

Work by Shawn HibmaCronan
Shawn HibmaCronan, The Freedom Press, steel, bamboo, oak, cork, rope, paper, ink, 7 x 8 x 9 feet
Metals Fall Concentration
October 3 – November 12 (six weeks)
Laura Wood
Foundations in Form and Color

This workshop will cover techniques that facilitate the development of a wide range of contemporary jewelry components. We’ll build a broad catalog of sculptural forms with methods including, but not limited to, sheet metal fabrication, brazing, and hydraulic forming. Enamel and powder coat will be our main color applications, and we’ll expand on these techniques throughout the workshop. We’ll focus on incorporating our creations into the brooch format, but students may also explore pendants, earrings, and other forms. We’ll cover several setting methods for traditional and nontraditional materials including prong, tab, and bezel settings along with fabricating findings for jewelry forms. Experimentation will be encouraged! All levels.

Studio artist; teaching: Arrowmont (TN), Southwest School of Art (TX), Metalwerx (MA), Penland; collections: Gregg Museum (NC), North Carolina State Permanent Collection, Racine Art Museum (WI); former Penland resident artist; publications: American Craft, Metalsmith, Cast a Book.

laurawoodstudios.com | @laurawoodstudios

NOTE: Participation in fall workshops will require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

Brooch by Laura Wood
Laura Wood, Space Between: Green + Green (brooch), enamel on copper, sterling silver, uvarovite, 3-3/4 x 2-1/4 x 1/4 inches
Textiles Fall Concentration
October 3 – November 12 (six weeks)
Amara Hark-Weber
Blue Suede and Beyond: Introduction to Lasted Footwear

Students in this workshop will design and build their own handmade leather shoes. Starting where all shoes start, we’ll measure feet, learn basic last alteration, and then move on to patterning, upper making, and various construction techniques, including cemented, pegged, lining-lasted-stitch-down, and hand-welted. We’ll use many types and colors of leather, and students can expect to make at least one pair of shoes with each of these constructions, resulting in a small collection. We’ll go over everything from start to finish to make lovely, lasted and lined shoes. With an emphasis on foundational skills, this workshop is open to all levels.

NOTE: Material costs will vary depending on the number of shoes made and what kind of leather is used, but are likely to average $250 per pair with an estimated 4-6 pairs over the course of the class, so a total of $1000-1500, depending on student designs.

Custom shoemaker; teaching: School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Quest University (British Columbia), Penland; 2017 Rare Craft Fellowship from American Craft Council, Minnesota State Arts Board grant, Jerome Fellowship; exhibitions: St. Xavier University Chicago, Brooklyn Shoe Space (NYC), Dubuque Museum of Art (IA), Otis College of Art and Design (Los Angeles).

harkweberstudio.com | @harkweberstudio

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NOTE: Participation in fall workshops will require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

Boots by Amara Hark-Weber
Amara Hark-Weber, Black Boots, calf and salmon leather, rubber heel cap, metal shank, size 41
Wood Fall Concentration
October 3 – November 12 (six weeks)
Liz Koerner
Designing in the Woodshop

This workshop will explore processes for generating and refining handbuilt wooden forms. We’ll experiment to discover options, analyze findings, and forge connections between making and designing. Demonstrations will include scale drawing, model-making, milling, joinery, shaping, finishing, and other techniques depending on student interest and needs. We’ll also cover 3-D design fundamentals and strategies for creative problem-solving. Students can expect to make a variety of small wood projects and one or two larger works that may be sculptural or functional. This workshop will provide a solid foundation for those new to woodworking and help experienced students expand their practice. All levels.

Studio artist; teaching: University of Central Arkansas, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, San Diego State University; fellowship/residencies: The Wood Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Herekeke Art Center (NM), Warren Wilson College (NC), Penland Core Fellowship; exhibitions: Manifest Gallery (OH), Foundry Art Centre (MO), Vessel Gallery (CA).


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NOTE: Participation in fall workshops will require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination.

Sculpture by Liz Koerner
Liz Koerner, Recurrent, Douglas fir, basswood, ash, vinyl, water, graphite, liming wax, 31 x 59 x 21 inches
Furniture by Liz Koerner
Liz Koerner, Martois, plywood, cherry, mixed veneers, paint, lacquer, hardware, 24 x 45 x 14 inches