Movement at Penland

Craft is about materials, design, technique, equipment, and the creative impulse—but it is also about movement. Whatever the medium, there is a stance, a rhythmic repetition, or an engagement of the body that is part of the process of making. The movement program at Penland is based on the belief that ease of movement is an aid to the creative process. Movement classes are available during Penland sessions at no charge. Movement instructors come from a variety of disciplines.

How to apply to teach movement

Summer 2020 Movement Classes

Session 1: Hannah Levin
Session 2: Gwen Hashimoto
Session 3: Etti Clingman
Session 4: Nicki Strouss
Session 5: Diann Fuller
Session 6: Diann Fuller
Session 7: Elif Tuzer


Session 1: Creative Flow with Hannah Levin
Using a combination of Yoga postures and flows, breathing techniques, and functional movement, Hannah leads classes that allow you to wake up your creative juices and relax tension. Through moving energy in the body, creating calm, grounding, and spaciousness, these classes will support you during your full days at Penland. Every class ends with a poem. Everyone is  welcome. A special restorative class with live music will be offered the middle Sunday.


Session 2: Intuitive Flow with Gwen Hashimoto
Restorative (relaxation), yin and mindfulness based exercises help reinvigorate creativity while flowing, progressive movements will bring an ease back to the expressive body.  Sometimes we’ll explore active movement, and sometimes stillness, but classes are always suited for everyone and offer a reset for both the body and the mind.


Session 3: Release, Lengthen & Stretch with Etti Clingman
Relax the body, through linking Breath with Light Yoga based Asana Stretches. Allowing the mind to Flow with Creative Juices as the body release, lengthen and stretches. Creating rejuvenation of the Body, Mind and Soul. All Levels, Friendly and Welcoming.


Session 4: A Shade of Yoga with Nicki Strouss
I like to tell people if you can breathe you can do yoga and if you stop breathing you can’t do much else. The practice of yoga postures, breathing, and sitting have all greatly improved my life as a crafts person. I hope to share a yoga practice that will benefit as many bodies as possible. I will do my best to offer a variety of movement options adaptations or modifications that can free your range of movement, ease strain and tension, and energize the body. All levels.


Sessions 5 & 6: Weaving in the Body with Diann Fuller
Presence, grace, coming back into the breath. Conscious stretching and movement through Yoga based postures with the artist in mind. An opportunity to learn to weave the body into the craft. All levels are welcome.


Session 7: Sustainable Practice with Elif Tuzer
Reset the mind by tuning into breath-work and flow in this gentle combination of Vinyasa and Yin. Move with ease through a series of accessible postures and meditative imagery. Finish feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Open to anyone interested in gentle practice.