Summer Session 5

Summer Session 5:
July 19 – August 4, 2020


We will begin accepting registration for 2020 summer workshops at noon Eastern time on Monday, January 13. Registration for full-pay students will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will continue until workshops are filled. Spaces are reserved in each workshop for scholarship students. Scholarship applications open January 1 and are due by February 17.

Workshops are open to serious students of all levels unless specified in course description; beginners welcome.

Books & Paper Summer Session 5
July 19–August 4, 2020
John DeMerritt
Contained Within: Boxes & Enclosures

This workshop will explore a systematic and formula-based approach to creating boxes, housings, and enclosures for books and objects. Students will spend the first part of the workshop making uniformly-sized clamshell boxes as they learn covering techniques, miters, cutting sequences, templates, formulas, and adhesive awareness. The second part will focus on the construction of one or more custom enclosures. We’ll explore wells, recessed areas, alternative structures, laminating, tongue and groove hinging, and, time permitting, foil stamping and surface decoration. All levels. Code 05B

Owner of John DeMerritt Bookbinding (CA); teaching/lectures: San Francisco Center for the Book, Columbia College Center for Book and Paper Arts (Chicago), Visual Studies Workshop (NY), North Bennet Street School (Boston).

Bright green slipcase with three artists' books inside
John DeMerritt, "Hockney," Brillianta bookcloth, imitation leather, Eska board, grey foil, 
10 x 13 x 4 inches
Books & Paper Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Elizabeth Alexander
Cast Paper Sculpture

This workshop will be an in-depth exploration of sculpting with a wonderfully versatile material. We’ll cover a variety of techniques for casting paper forms from objects to create seemingly weightless assemblages that can be painted, cut into, collaged onto, etc. We’ll cast with pulp, freshly made paper, and found paper and touch on cutting, forming, assembling, and installation art. We’ll have critiques and group discussions throughout the session as the work develops. Open to anyone who enjoys exploring and experimenting with materials. All levels. Code 05PM

William King Museum (VA), Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (NC), Boston Sculptors Gallery; finalist for Museum of Arts and Design Burke Prize; collections: Crystal Bridges Museum (AR), Mint Museum (NC).

wall/sculpture installation by Elizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Alexander, "Let Him Speak First (Positives)," extracted wallpaper print, adhesive, wood, 96 x 120 x 70 inches
Clay Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Kyle Carpenter & Michael Kline
The Seasoned Surface

Students in this workshop will explore a full palette of surface design techniques and how they relate to functional pottery form. We’ll stamp, paint, scratch, and scrape stoneware pots, bringing layer upon layer of visual interest to the surface. We’ll experiment with flashing slips, underglaze, and glaze that will be enhanced in cone 10 soda and salt firings. Fresh ideas and new skills will open a path forward for each student’s creative exploration. We’ll engage the class in conversation regarding their individual perspectives of studio potter life and practices. All levels. Code 05CA

Kyle: studio potter; teaching: Sawtooth (NC), College of Lake County (NC); exhibitions: Akar (IA), Schaller Gallery (MI). Michael: studio potter; teaching: Anderson Ranch (CO), Haystack (ME); collections: Islip Art Museum (NY), Gregg Museum (NC), San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts (TX).

Black ceramic bottle with flower pattern
Kyle Carpenter, "Bottle," salt-fired stoneware, underglaze, 6-1/4 x 5 inches
Dark plate with delicate white flower and leaf pattern
Michael Kline, "Platter," stoneware, porcelain inlay, 15 x 2 inches
Clay Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Arturo Córdova & Cristina Córdova
Sculpture in Motion

Students in this workshop will create an articulated ceramic sculpture and use it to develop a stop-motion animation sequence. We’ll present methods for building and finishing ceramic components as well as strategies for unifying the parts with metal elements that will facilitate posing. We’ll cover basic lighting and animation techniques focusing on the fundamentals of movement to create stop-motion progressions inside personalized sets using Dragonframe software. All levels. Code 05CB

Arturo: artist and animator; professional experience: 10.30 Animation Collective (Mexico), Charged Studios (NYC); currently building sets and animating on a short film called Andromeda. Cristina: studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), University of Nebraska, Gaya Ceramics (Bali); USArtists Fellowship, North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship; collections: Renwick Gallery (DC), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo (Puerto Rico).

Watch the animations from Arturo and Cristina’s last Penland workshop!

3 stacked ceramic mugs with an image of a woman's hair that carries up the stack
Arturo Córdova, "Stack," ceramic, 12 inches tall
Sculpture of a human head with various objects suspended beneath it
Cristina Córdova, Recolección, ceramic, wire, 60 inches tall
Drawing & Painting Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Alberto Mier
Sketchbook: Your Creative Playground

This workshop will explore the possibilities of the sketchbook. We’ll practice and experiment while taking advantage of the freedom of play the pages provide. We’ll cover some basic drawing concepts and a variety of tools and media—both wet and dry. Our goal will be to dig into your creativity and break out of your comfort zone. The sketchbook is the ideal playground for letting go, unlocking your potential, and developing your individual point of view. Students of all disciplines and all levels welcome. Code 05D

Senior designer at CNN Digital; exhibitions: Matre Gallery (Atlanta), Karuse Gallery (Atlanta), ICA Fair (NYC), Galería Yemayá (PR); publications: Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mundo Hispanico (Atlanta), Creative Loafing (Atlanta), Studio Visit Magazine, Modern Ink (online); representation: dk Gallery (GA).


brush painting of an owl
Alberto Mier, "Witness," sumi ink on paper, 15 x 11 inches
Glass Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Megan Biddle
Gathering Momentum

In this nontraditional hot glass workshop, we’ll embrace an experimental and curious approach to achieve unexpected outcomes with a versatile material. We’ll begin with the fundamentals needed to navigate the hot shop and cold shop, covering techniques in alternative surface applications, cold assembly, and mixed media. With daily demonstrations and plenty of work time for exploration, students will quickly develop a personal vocabulary based on process-driven results. Expect to produce samples and studies focused around texture, color, and form. All levels. Code 05GA

Studio artist, co-director of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery (Philadelphia), instructor of glass at Tyler School of Art (Philadelphia); other teaching: Haystack (ME), Pilchuck (WA), UrbanGlass (NYC); residencies: Jentel Foundation (WY), Creative Glass Center of America (NJ), Northlands Creative Glass (Scotland), MacDowell Colony (NH).

flat black sheets of concrete embedded with clear glass orbs
Megan Biddle, detail of "Lithosphere," glass, concrete, mica
Glass Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Lisa Demagall
Delighting in the Details

Using borosilicate glass, we’ll create delightfully detailed, sculptural objects at the torch. By studying objects carefully, we can break them down into their parts and recreate them as glass sculpture. Instruction will cover glass rod construction, bridging, armatures, solid
sculpting, and non-vessel, sculptural tube working. Time will be allotted for requested demonstrations, class discussions, and problem-solving. All levels; come as you are! Code 05GB

Studio artist; teaching: Kent State University (OH), Cleveland Institute of Art (OH), Bild-Werk Frauenau (Germany), The Studio at Corning (NY), Pittsburgh Glass Center; residencies: Pilchuck (WA), Pittsburgh Glass Center.

sculptural installation of a slanted wood floor with a glass rocking chair
Lisa Demagall, "Without...," flameworked borosilicate glass, wood, 35 x 60 x 60 inches
Iron Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Vivian Beer & Hannah Vaughan
Design on Fire

This workshop will focus on using design concepts and craft methods to develop each student’s creative voice in metal furniture. Design challenges will develop projects from idea to two-dimensional to three-dimensional. We’ll begin with drawing and then move to drafting/modeling at scale and metal fabrication, including welding, hollow construction, pattern making, hand hammer control, surface development, and finishing. We’ll have slide presentations, critiques, and ideation exercises and discuss proportion, ergonomics, style, history, and material experimentation. Whatever your goals, the iron studio will be our creative laboratory. All levels. Code 05I

Vivian: studio artist; teaching: Haystack (ME), Penland; collections: Smithsonian American Art Museum (DC), Museum of Arts and Design (NYC). Hannah: furniture, product, architectural designer; furniture designs in galleries in Chicago and Boston.

white metal bench with curved forms
Vivian Beer, "Twin Engine," formed/fabricated steel, automotive paint, 26 x 23 x 102 inches
angular chair from rusted sheet metal
Hannah Vaughan, "Remnant Series Rusted," steel, rust, 28 x 19 x 34 inches
Metals Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Masako Onodera
Material Exploration: Bodies & Senses

This experimental workshop will focus on the exploration of nontraditional materials to make objects for the body. We’ll gather locally-available materials—things from nature, thrift store finds, etc.—and discover how sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch work with the shapes and materials of objects in the context of the body. We’ll cover basic metalsmithing, including sawing, filing, annealing, drilling, chain-making, and patina, and work with cold-connections, including riveting, tab constructions, and jump rings, and other craft fabrication methods, such as sewing, knotting, and weaving. All levels. Note: This studio has stairs that compromise access; it is made partially accessible by a stair lift. Code 05MA

Associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout; exhibitions: Fuller Craft Museum (MA), Museo del Gioiello (Italy); collections: Toledo Museum of Art (OH), Racine Art Museum (WI).

multi-media necklace
Masako Onodera, "Topology 2," repurposed fur collar, leather coat parts, sugar pot parts, brass, brass chain, thread, fiber fill, 21 x 9 x 2-1/2 inches
Metals Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Adam Whitney
Raising & Shaping Metal Vessels

Prepare to hammer! We’ll start with raising, the process of hammering sheet metal into seamless vessels, by making samples of different raising styles—angle, Dutch, and crimp—learning proper mechanics and the design benefits of each style. Using these samples, we’ll explore shaping with hammers and detailing through the use of pitch and chasing. Finally we’ll put all the skills together, along with your personal designs, and develop a hammering plan to create your unique project. All levels. Code 05MB

Studio artist; teaching: Escuela de Artes Santo Domingo (Columbia), Appalachian Center for Crafts (TN), Metalwerx (MA), Center for Metal Arts (PA), Raffles College (Malaysia); exhibitions: Mercer Museum (PA), Quirk Gallery (VA), Gallery 224 (MA), Baltimore Jewelry Center (MD).

raised bowl with curved details
Adam Whitney, "Copper Bowl #5," copper, 3-3/4 x 4-1/2 x 6-1/2 inches
Photo Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Jeff Goodman
Photography in the Fourth Dimension

From motion to memory, time has always been a central medium and subject of photography. This workshop will explore a wide range of photographic techniques that employ time directly: pinhole cameras, light painting, motion studies, flip books, cinemagraphs, stop-motion animation, and video. We’ll cover photo basics, including camera controls, photo and video software as needed, and darkroom chemistry for use with pinhole cameras. As we move through our time together, we’ll experiment with making both still and moving images that play with—and celebrate—the most mysterious of dimensions. All levels, beginners welcome. Code 05P

Award-winning instructor in the media studies program at Appalachian State University; extensive experience leading workshops in photography, documentary video, and the relationship between art, science, and the creative process.

swarm of gulls in motion
Jeff Goodman, "Gulls," digital image
Print Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Andrew Polk & Kathryn Polk
Stone Lithography

Stone lithography, first developed by Alois Senefelder in 1796, continues to captivate artists today. Join two different types of lithographers as they demonstrate techniques and philosophies for working on and printing from the amazing Bavarian limestone. Students will learn the processes of drawing on the stone, chemically processing (etching) the image, proofing, and printing a final edition. Imaging approaches will include crayon drawing, tusche wash techniques, transfers, and experimental methods. We’ll have a special demonstration on making litho crayons. All levels. Code 05X

Andrew: professor emeritus at University of Arizona; collections: Hunan Art Institute (China), Hunterdon Art Museum (NJ), Denver Art Museum. Kathryn: studio artist; teaching: Frogman’s Print Workshops (NE); collections: Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Sado Print Museum (Japan).

black and white outdoor scene with ladders, statues, and various objects about
Andrew Polk, "Intersecting Histories," lithography, 10-1/2 x 9 inches
two female faces, one upright and one upside down
Kathryn Polk, "This End Up," stone and plate lithography, 20 x 8-1/2 inches
Print Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Bryce McCloud
The Interactive Print-O-Rama Do-Gooders Social Art Gathering

Howdy friends! Are you wondering how you can make prints AND a difference in this great big world? One solution: experimental printing, social art, and your big ideas! Let’s use our brains and hearts and printing presses to make things happen. In this workshop we’ll discuss the basic ideas of interactive, socially-minded art, use the letterpresses to make a bunch of relief prints, collaborate on an interactive art project at Penland, and talk about how to create your own public art campaign back home. Bring an open mind and your talents. All levels. Code 05L

Studio artist, director of Isle of Printing (Nashville); teaching: Watkins College of Art (TN), Penland; public art: Automat Idea Exchange (TN), Noelle (TN), Southwest Print Fiesta (NM), Our Town Nashville, All Are Welcome (TN), Pinewood Social (TN), Invasion UK.

group of people with a giant stamped portrait
Isle of Printing, "Our Town: Together Heroic," large-scale stamps, ink
Textiles Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Ann B. Coddington
Sculptural Basketry +

We’ll explore basketry as a sculptural medium capable of expressing ideas and carrying meaning beyond its utilitarian traditions. We’ll focus on twining with waxed linen and reed and also cover other processes such as netting, looping, random weave, and crochet. Most importantly we’ll share, discover, connect, interact, play, create, and have fun! All levels. NOTE: Textiles workshops are taught in walk-up studios accessible by a stair lift. Code 05TA

Studio artist; teaching: Eastern Illinois University, Northwest Basket Weavers Guild (WA), Los Angeles Basketry Guild, Arrowmont (TN), Haystack (ME); Varda residency (CA); exhibitions: Quincy Art Center (IL), Textile Center (MN), Cedarhurst Center for the Arts (IL), Basketry in America (traveling).


two fiber vessels, one smoother and one with a more knotted texture
Ann B. Coddington, "close," twined and crocheted linen, 30 x 20 x 8 inches
Textiles Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Elisabeth Hill
Limitations as License

Friction with the perceived limitations of a discipline can often spark the fire of creative thinking and problem-solving. In this workshop, weavers as well as craftspeople from different disciplines will learn (or review) the fundamentals of weaving, including measuring and winding warps, dressing looms, calculating sett, and drafting on paper and the computer. These fundamentals may be seen as limitations, but during the second week of class we’ll apply the skills acquired and honed in the previous week to personal projects by exploring/deploying a variety of weaving techniques that challenge the loom’s limitations, such as layered weaves, pile weaves, deflecting structures, and pick-up techniques. All levels. NOTE: Textiles workshops are taught in walk-up studios accessible by a stair lift. Code 05TB

Studio artist and certified master weaver; teaching: Vävstuga Weaving School (MA), Campbell Folk School (NC), Arrowmont (TN); publications: Handwoven, Complex Weavers 40th Anniversary Book, The Art of Weaving 4th Edition.

woven pattern in gold and red
Elisabeth Hill, detail of "Sample," merino wool
Wood Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Raivo Vihman
Timber Vernacular

Think mortise and tenon joinery, but think big. In this collaborative workshop, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of woodworking on a timber scale. Each student will begin by building a pair of splayed leg sawhorses to use as a work station. We’ll spend the rest of the time constructing a small, structural timber frame joined with mortises, tenons, pegs, and wedges while developing skills with hand tools and power tools. Topics will include joinery design, layout strategies, working with green wood, and scribing natural forms. The frame we build will be disassembled and sold in the scholarship auction. All levels. Code 05W

Founder of Haystack Joinery (ME); teaching: Waterfall Arts (ME), Viljandi Cultural Academy (Estonia), Haystack (ME), Tabonuco (Puerto Rico), Vanaajamaja (Estonia), Penland.

triangular forms of a timber framed roof
Raivo Vihman, "Cabin Roof Framing," cedar, pine, red oak, 16 x 24 feet