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Print & Letterpress L Summer Session 5

Print Summer Session 5
July 19 – August 4, 2020
Bryce McCloud
The Interactive Print-O-Rama Do-Gooders Social Art Gathering

Howdy friends! Are you wondering how you can make prints AND a difference in this great big world? One solution: experimental printing, social art, and your big ideas! Let’s use our brains and hearts and printing presses to make things happen. In this workshop we’ll discuss the basic ideas of interactive, socially-minded art, use the letterpresses to make a bunch of relief prints, collaborate on an interactive art project at Penland, and talk about how to create your own public art campaign back home. Bring an open mind and your talents. All levels. Code 05L

Studio artist, director of Isle of Printing (Nashville); teaching: Watkins College of Art (TN), Penland; public art: Automat Idea Exchange (TN), Noelle (TN), Southwest Print Fiesta (NM), Our Town Nashville, All Are Welcome (TN), Pinewood Social (TN), Invasion UK.

group of people with a giant stamped portrait
Isle of Printing, "Our Town: Together Heroic," large-scale stamps, ink