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Online Workshop Cristina Córdova

Online Workshop
Cristina Córdova
The Figure in Clay: Making a Hollow Figure Using Templates

In this online workshop, students will learn Cristina’s thoughtful approach to sculpting the human figure in clay.  More than four-and-half hours of high-quality prerecorded videos will give each participant a front row seat as Cristina transforms her material into a 25-inch head and torso ready to be bisqued—and will give them the tools they need to follow along step by step!

Video lessons will cover the construction and articulation of the hip area, upper torso, arms, hands, head, and neck. They will also cover how Cristina uses clay slabs, simple pattern templates, and photographic references to anchor her process and the anatomical concepts and modeling strategies she uses to facilitate accuracy and expression as all the components come together.

Sixty days of access to the workshop videos will give students ample time to watch, re-watch, and follow along with Cristina’s carefully presented process. In addition, students will gain access to Cristina’s materials list, templates, reference photos, and guidance on foundational skills like making clay slabs and slips.

This online workshop is perfect for anyone who is eager to dive deeply into figurative ceramics and work at their own pace using the tried-and-true methods of an expert instructor. Students of all skill levels will be able to engage with Cristina’s techniques with only minimal equipment and materials. Suitable for all skill levels. 

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Fee: $350. Participants will have access to this workshop’s prerecorded videos and associated materials for 60 days from date of purchase.

Cristina Córdova working on a ceramic torso in the Penland clay studio
Cristina working on a clay torso using the techniques shared in her online workshop