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Glass Fall Concentration

October 1 – November 10, 2023 (six weeks)
Dan Friday
Furnace Formed

This workshop will break down the essentials of glass blowing and off-hand glass sculpting. We’ll work in the hot and cold shops and cover the fundamentals of bubble setup, using hand tools, and how to make the heat work for you. Other techniques will include optical molds, bit work, cane/murrine, and other methods of color application. When using the garage and components, time management and teamwork are crucial to productivity and will be underlying focal points of the workshop. Students will work from sketchbooks and learn to navigate from paper to blowpipe. Both experimentation and repetition will be encouraged. Our goal is to use technical processes to help you find your voice within the medium. All levels. Hot glass studio. 

Studio artist; teaching: University of Washington, Evergreen State College (WA), Pilchuck (WA), Haystack (ME); residencies: Museum of Glass (WA), Burke Museum (Seattle), Corning Museum (NY), Dream Community (Taiwan); Bill Holm Grant from Burke Museum (Seattle), People’s Choice Award from Bellevue Arts Museum (WA), Artist Trust Fellowship (WA), Discover Fellowship through the Southwest Association for Indian Arts (NM), contestant on Netflix’s Blown Away; representation; Blue Rain Gallery (NM), Stonington Gallery (Seattle), Ainsley Gallery (Toronto), Habatat Galleries (FL). | @danfriday

Regular enrollment will begin on May 1.

Dan Friday, detail of Schaenexw Run, blown and sculpted glass, 40 x 12 feet
Dan Friday, detail of Schaenexw Run, blown and sculpted glass, 40 x 12 feet