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Glass B Summer Session 2

Glass Summer Session 2
June 7-19, 2020
Caterina Zucchi
Blown Glass Beads: Skills & Shapes

This workshop will focus on blown glass beads. Working with soft glass, we’ll create wearable glass bead compositions that are voluminous yet light. We’ll start by making round beads, then use heat, gravity, and rotation to make different shapes. We’ll cover surface decoration and stringing beads to make jewelry. This dynamic and practical workshop will include group demonstrations and one-on-one instruction with the goal of giving you the information you need to be independent and skilled in blowing beads and composing balanced and wearable objects. All levels. Code 02GB

Designer, studio artist, owner of Studiozero-vetro (Italy); teaching: Vetroricerca Glas & Modern; exhibitions: International Glass Biennale Sofia (Bulgaria), Ireland Glass Biennale Dublin, International Art Jewelery Exhibition (Beijing).

Necklace of large aqua and black striped beads
Caterina Zucchi, "Roots Necklace," Murano glass, polyester string, 24-1/2 inches long