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Glass B Summer Session 2

Glass Summer Session 2
June 6-17, 2021
Nisha Bansil
Paper to Glass: Casting Thin Folded Forms

This workshop will cover all of the skills you need to create complex, cast-glass objects. Students will begin by create 5-7 samples of various paper folds, starting with the Miura-ori* and working our way to diamond folding and pleating. Then we’ll create plaster/silica molds from these folded forms. We’ll discuss mold making and firing schedules in depth, and we’ll learn how firing affects the outcome of our finished pieces. Working with Bullseye glass, our casting techniques will be inspired by the Higuchis’ pâte de vérre process. We’ll also learn basic enameling techniques so we can experiment with slumping images into our plaster molds. No glass experience necessary; experienced folders are welcome! All levels. Flame studio and kiln areas.

*Miura-ori is a versatile fold created by Japanese astrophysicist Koryo Miura. It has been used to fold everything from maps to deployable solar panels.

Studio artist; teaching: Hartwick College (NY), State University of New York-New Paltz; residencies: The Studio at Corning (NY), Bullseye Glass (NY); performances: CMOG 2300 (NY), Chrysler Museum Third Thursday series (VA).


Nisha Bansil, "Diamond Fold 2," cast glass, 42 x 15 x 1-1/2 inches