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Books & Paper P Summer Session 2

Books & Paper Summer Session 2
June 7-19, 2020
Delaney Smith
Recording Surfaces

In this experimental workshop, students will 
create dynamic surfaces and forms with handmade paper. We’ll prepare cotton and abaca fibers in the beater and then use paper/pulp casting techniques to achieve a variety of forms from site-specific castings and moulds made in class using plaster, hydrostone, or alginate. Students are also encouraged to bring objects or materials to use in casting. In addition to experimenting with three-dimensional paper techniques, students will be guided through several creative activities designed to encourage ideation and growth. All levels. Code 02PM

Artist, designer, educator; teaching: Arrowmont (TN), Oil & Cotton (TX), Eastfield College (TX); exhibitions: 500X (TX), Vignette 2019 (TX); collections: Texas Women’s University.

Cast paper sculpture that reads "No this is not the first time but it will be the last"
Delaney Smith, "NO #6," cast handmade abaca paper, 41 x 37 inches