Online Programming FAQs

Online Programming—FAQs


Why take an online program through Penland School of Craft?

Our online demonstrations and workshops offer access to the same expert instructors and technical skills as our on-campus programs. If you’ve been yearning for new techniques and ideas to put to the test in your studio, give our online options a try! They may not come with the studio camaraderie, hot meals, and mountain views as in-person workshops, but they have their own advantages, too—like being able to tune in from anywhere and repeatedly re-watch demos.


What different online programs are available?

We currently have two different online program options: demonstrations, and self-paced workshops.

Demonstrations are an opportunity to watch up close as Penland instructors complete a more limited project. These videos are  an hour or two long and are suitable for practicing artists looking to gain insight and new skills, as well as folks who just want to have a front row seat to watch as accomplished artists perform their craft. Demonstrations consist of prerecorded video, materials list, and may have additional handouts.

Self-paced workshops include multiple prerecorded video demonstrations, materials list, and handouts. Participants in this option will be able to progress through the workshop at their own pace over a period of sixty days. It’s suitable for students who are committed to following through on a more involved project.


What are the technical requirements for participating in online programs through Penland?

Students will need a computer or tablet and an internet connection. (We do not recommend using a phone.)


Are scholarships available for online workshops and demos?

No, scholarships are not available for online programs at this time. However, we hope that the reduced price of these opportunities as compared to our in-person sessions will allow a broader swath of our community to access them.


What is the cancellation policy for online programs?

Because of the flexible nature of these programs, we do not accept cancellations for online demonstrations and workshops.


How long do I have to finish each program?

You go at you own pace. For demonstrations, students will have 30 days access from the date of purchase. For workshops, students will have 60 days access from the date of purchase. Feel free to watch and rewatch the videos as much as you’d like during that time.


How do I know what materials and equipment I will need?

Instructors have prepared a materials list for each online offering. If you are planning to complete the project in your studio, you will need to check this list carefully to make sure you have access to the materials and tools needed to fully engage.

Before you purchase a program, you can view the materials lists as part of the demonstration and workshop descriptions on