Plaited Whisk Brush


Grace Brogan
Plaited Whisk Brush
Broomcorn and waxed Irish linen
9.5H x 1W x 1D inches
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Missoula, MT

MIXED MEDIA | Handmade brooms, brushes, tools, and sculpture

Penland Affiliation | Winter Resident 2020

Artist Information | Sudio artist; education: BA Studio Art, College of Saint Benedict (MN), MA Environmental Studies, University of Montana (MT); recent exhibitions: Arrowmont (TN), Clay Studio of Missoula (MT)

Artist Bio | Grace Brogan is an interdisciplinary artist, currently focusing on broom
making at the intersection of traditional craft and contemporary design. She graduated in 2007
with a BA in studio art from the College of Saint Benedict and an MA in interdisciplinary environmental studies from the University of Montana in 2012. She spent the last dozen or so years learning technique from craftspeople across the country in the mediums of wood, textiles, fiber, and ceramics. She studied with broom makers in particular in 2009 and 2018. She participated in the winter residency program at Penland School of Craft in early 2020.

Grace explores the life of raw materials and the processes that bring those items to a state of
service in our current culture, with eyes open to the social, economic, and environmental
impacts of that journey. She lives in Missoula, Montana where she spends her time maintaining
a studio practice where she plays in the space of mindful and mundane, labor and ritual,
ordinary and extraordinary.

Technical Information | Broomcorn brooms and brushes with wooden and wood fired ceramic handles and hemp, waxed Irish linen, and nylon cordage.