Relic Feast | Rachel Kedinger and Michelle Kwiecien

April 30 – June 8, 2024

Relic Feast presents two Philadelphia-based artists, Rachel Kedinger and Michelle Kwiecien, collaborating on a unique and limited edition collection of home goods. The exhibition features an arrangement of table settings and decor, as well as individual and collaborative work for the wall.

Rachel Kedinger makes objects out of metal with a focus on utilitarian use. She strives to combine materials that evoke toughness and fragility, while creating everyday objects that anyone can use.

Michelle Kwiecien is an interdisciplinary artist. Her background in sculpture and printmaking coupled with years of work as a metal fabricator has resulted in a melding of material poetry, imagery, and functional object making.

Items purchased online will be shipped at the close of the exhibition June 8th. Call 828.765.6211 or email with questions.

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