Forged Earrings


David Jones
Forged Earrings
999 fine silver, copper
2.5H X 1W X .25D inches
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Artist Info

Oley, PA

METALS | jewelry

Penland Affiliation | Penland Instructor 2015

Artist Information | Studio artist; education: MFA Tyler School of Art, BFA Kutztown University; teaching: Penland, University of Georgia, Thomas Mann Gallery (LA), Touchstone Center; exhibitions: Velvet da Vinci Gallery (CA), OXOXO Gallery (MD), Gravers Lane (PA); publications: Metalsmiths Book of Boxes and Lockets by Tim McCreight 2007, Form and Function American Modernist Jewelry 1940-1970 by Marbeth Schon, Schiffer Publishing 2008, Humor in Craft, by Brigitte Martin, Shiffer Publishing 2012

Artist Statement | I consider myself a three-dimensional animator. My goal is to use the finest material both new and old to create functional and non-functional curiosities. I look to the work of old drawings from the Arts and Crafts movement, Folk Art, Modernism, and the beginnings of the American Studio Movement and its contemporaries all around the globe. The finished pieces look as though they may be old but are curiously 21st century. I search in unobvious places for materials such as antler, recycled copper (including existing patina), scraps of various woods (exotic and not so), European Laminate, plus anything else in which I notice a certain “richness” to include in my work. Recycled materials are more or less a constant. I also use traditional, commercially available materials such as sterling, fine silver, copper, brass, bronze, and high karat gold, among others.