Juicer Bowl | Green


Christopher Kerr-Ayer
Juicer Bowl | Green
Hand blown and etched post-consumer bottles, enamel paint
4.75H x 5.5W x 5.5D inches
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This handmade glass should not be used in the dishwasher. Hand wash only.


Rollinsford, NH

GLASS | Blown and cast glass

Penland Affiliation | Penland Instructor 2019, Penland Studio Assistant 2016, Penland Student 2015

Artist Bio | Christopher Kerr-Ayer was raised in rural Vermont. He started learning about glass in 2009 as a junior in high school. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Johnson State College, Vermont. Learning about and working with glass in a production studio setting gave Kerr-Ayer the time to practice and refine important skills for working with the material. His collegiate studies, workshops, and residencies have exposed him to a breadth of design, aesthetics, and the history of glassmaking. His work stretches from conceptual sculpture to functional forms. His interest in investigating the line between functional and nonfunctional objects is what drives him to make new work. He interprets everyday objects as a way to disassemble identity, fragility, and objects themselves.

Working for a number of glassmakers over the past decade has also given Kerr-Ayer studio access to develop his work. His work includes functional housewares, figurative, and trompe l\’oeil sculptures. He currently lives in New Hampshire, where he maintains his sculptural studio practice, as well as making objects for THE POOL GLASSWORKS, his design-forward housewares company.

Artist Statement | Constantly moving between the artistic and functional qualities of glass, Chris is critical of glass as a material; how form, function, and material interact with one another. Inspired by antique, found, and everyday objects, Chris’s work explores the interaction between tool and toy.