Artist Submissions

Artist Submissions


The Penland Gallery exhibits the work of Penland School affiliated artists from across the country. The work represents the high standards of excellence and creativity found in the school’s programs. The contemporary craft shown represents all media taught at Penland and a broad range of prices. The selected artists work with the gallery director to choose artwork that will be appropriate for the Lucy Morgan sales gallery space. The selection of individual pieces and the consignment period is at the discretion of the gallery director. All work in the sales gallery is on consignment at a 60/40% commission rate.  A contract and additional information will be provided if the applicant is accepted.

The gallery director reviews artist submissions on a regular basis. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are not able to provide a critique or in-depth feedback.

Please review the following criteria before submitting your materials:

All applicants must have attended Penland School of Craft in some capacity (instructor, student, former resident artist, studio assistant, Core student, visiting artist)

Media/subject is taught at Penland School

Excellence of design and high quality of craftsmanship

Represents the spirit of the school’s instruction, expressing originality and creativity

Submitted work is appropriate and in character with the current aesthetics of the gallery

No bias is placed on decorative vs. content-oriented work, functional vs. non-functional, salability, price range or craft quotas in the gallery

Artists doing installation or large scale work may have limited representation in the sales gallery due to space restrictions and overall sales gallery concept

Submissions via e-mail: Inquiries should be directed to Kathryn Gremley, Gallery Director.  We are not able to review materials in person at this time or accept USPS mailed materials. 

Artists are asked to include a current resume or bio, which should specifically reference their Penland School affiliation. You may direct us to your website for artwork images and more information about yourself. In lieu of a website, artists may submit 8-10 images of work you are interested in exhibiting in the gallery – please include information about each artwork (title, materials, date, dimensions, and retail price).

For artists interested in Focus or Horn Gallery exhibition possibilities – we welcome your interest and suggest you send a brief statement of interest for review. Penland Gallery exhibitions are limited in number, closely tied to current Penland programming, and curated to meet our mission objectives. 

Questions and submissions should be directed to:

Kathryn Gremley
Penland Gallery Director
Penland Gallery
PO Box 37
Penland, NC 28765