2018 Focus_Gather

Courtney Dodd + Nickolaus Fruin
Blown glassware for the table

March 30 – May 20, 2018

Shaker & Salt | Courtney Dodd + Nickolaus Fruin

Born out of a love of good food, drinks, and company – Shaker & Salt was officially started by Nickolaus Fruin and Courtney Dodd in 2018, although the idea had been ruminating long before then. Both are makers and avid travelers for the sake of new tastes and combinations, and they wanted to try their hand at joining forces in the studio.
The Shaker & Salt collection invites people to the table. The wares are meant to be used, enjoyed, laughed over, and hopefully they ever so slightly slow the night down and allow it to linger while the chairs and cups are still full.
Courtney and Nick’s artistic aspiration is to make technically proficient, well-designed objects that people covet. They believe handmade objects have the ability to ground people and to connect the owner to the maker as well as their community. In a culture so fast-paced, surrounded by disposable goods, the importance of the handmade is pivotal. Perpetuating the importance of the handmade, their goal is to continue this practice and to spark conversation about the importance of living with quality over quantity. “Gather | Eat, Drink, Enjoy” embodies these ideals.

Double Rocks Cocktail Set
Nick & Nora Cocktail Set
Shaker + Salt | Highball Cocktail Set