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The Penland Workshop Experience in 2-1/2 Minutes

We are excited to have a beautiful new short video thanks to the folks at Myriad Media in Raleigh. Last fall, Myriad spent a week at Penland using the campus as a location for a short, scripted piece they are hoping will become the pilot for a web series set in a place kind of like Penland.

Spike Hoban interviewing Kathleen Kennedy
Director Spike Hoban interviewing instructor Kathleen Kennedy.

After the actors left, the crew stayed for a few more days, conducting interviews and shooting activity in the studios. Then with lots of careful editing, sound mixing, music composing, tweaking, and more editing, they produced a lively 2-1/2 minute look at the Penland workshop experience.

Thanks to Sean, Spike, Max, and the whole crew at Myriad for this excellent piece of work. (Full screen recommended.)

YouTube: The Penland Workshop Experience