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Visiting Artist Jabulile Nala

Potter Jabulile Nala working in the Penland clay studio.We loved having Jabulile Nala as a visiting artist in the clay studio last week. Jabu is from South Africa and works in the Zulu pottery tradition. She spent some time visiting our neighbors at Bandana Pottery and also with Cynthia Bringle. In the Penland studio she made pots and guided students as they worked alongside her. For the next two months, she’ll be in residence at Star Works in Star, North Carolina. Learn more about Jabu and her work at

Potter Jabulile Nala working in the Penland clay studio.


A pot by Jabulile Nala.

Here is a picture of one of her beautiful finished pieces, which we borrowed from her website.

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Photo of the Week: Screenprinters

Student screenprinting in the Penland print studio

On the busy last day of Session Six, core fellow SaraBeth Post (left), instructor Asuka Ohsawa (assisting SaraBeth), student Victoria Cable (right), and their fellow workshop participants were all working like mad before their afternoon studio cleanup. We approve of running out the clock!