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Steel for Jewelers with Sarah Holden | March 23-29, 2014

Sarah Holden wearing her Do-It-Yourself necklace. Image courtesy of the artist.
Sarah Holden wearing her Do-It-Yourself necklace. Image courtesy of the artist.


I began using steel because of its ability to maintain strength in larger objects as well as its material associations. My workshop will be geared toward incorporating steel with precious metals and looking at steel for jewelry–but it will also cover using patterned steel for larger-scale sculptural objects.


Sarah Holden
Steel for Jewelers
In the metals studio
Students in this workshop will explore steel at the scale of jewelry. We’ll start by welding or soldering wire together to make sheets of patterned steel that will then be formed into spheres, cones, cubes, or your own unique voluminous shapes. We’ll cover pattern development and material behavior as well as patinas, preservation, and incorporating steel into jewelry designs. 
All levels. Code S01MB


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I continue to be inspired by historic women who challenge the status quo and impact culture.  I’ve started a new body of work that focuses on Queen Elizabeth I of England and the coded iconography in the system of portraits  created during her reign. She is known for her voluminous lace collars, dresses dripping with pearls, refusing to get married, and ‘ruling with an iron fist.’ I’m creating lace in steel, and drowning myself in images of lace, lace patterns and lace objects.–Sarah Holden



Sarah Holden is a Chicago-based metalsmith and jeweler. She has taught at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Evanston Art Center (IL), and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Her work has been shown in exhibitions at Velvet da Vinci (CA), Brooklyn Metal Works (NY), Kohler Arts Center (WI), and the Society for Contemporary Craft (PA).