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Kenny Pieper in the Asheville Citizen-Times


Kenny Pieper, Satin Blue Goblet Study
Satin Blue Goblet Study by Kenny Pieper, which won the grand prize in the North Carolina Artists Exhibition. (Photo by David Ramsey)


Our neighbor, long-time friend, and 2013 second session glass instructor Kenny Pieper was the grand prize winner in the North Carolina Artists Exhibition sponsored by the Raleigh Fine Art Center. This award prompted the Asheville Citizen-Times to publish a nice feature about Kenny, which includes this quote: “Glass can never be ‘mastered’ in the sense you reach a point you have complete control over it,” Pieper said. “It is material that begs to be worked with, not worked at. … Just the act of creating is a large part of what gives my life meaning and keeps me engaged with the world.”

You can read the whole article here.