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Ila Prouty’s Dream Repeater on USA Projects

A piece by former Penland resident artist Ila Prouty.

Congratulations to former Penland resident artist Ila Prouty, who has met her funding goal for Dream Repeater: Boat Sinking on USA Projects a few days ahead of her deadline! The structure of USA Projects’ micro-philanthropy site allows her to continue raising funds above and beyond her original call until the end (11:59 pm) of Monday, February 7.

Ila’s Dream Repeater project involves physically realizing an image she collected in a logbook of dreams as a sculptural glass installation. “In the dream, the dreamer is swimming underwater,” she writes. “They turn on their back as they swim and look up though the water to the peaceful hulls of boats overhead. Light streams through the water as the boats and the dreamer float.” Any funds she raises beyond her original project budget will be used to expand the scope of the installation.

If you would like to read her proposal and/or consider helping her with funding, click here to visit her page on the USA Projects site.