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An Encaustic Adventure with Jane Wells Harrison


Sometimes my work is very thoughtful, but just as often, it is an overt expression that results from whimsical manipulations of materials I’ve selected.

Jane Wells Harrison



Jane Wells Harrison, It Can Be A Rock, encaustic, 2014


Jane Wells Harrison will teach mixed media, collage, and encaustic painting on surfaces both conventional and unconventional (including old slate roofing tiles) at Penland this fall.

Wells writes in her artist statement that her work “takes me to the easel, the workbench, the heated palette, and the enameling kiln.” In the mixed-media spirit of the class, Jane has invited esteemed metalsmith Robert Ebendorf, who will be a visiting artist and conduct a demonstration for students.

More about Harrison’s work and process can be found on her blog.

Space is available, including a limited number of work-study spots. Class begins September 21 and runs eight weeks.



Jane Wells Harrison
Mixed Media with Encaustic
September 21- November 14, 2014
This workshop will cover all aspects of working with encaustic paint, with a special emphasis on combining encaustic with mixed media. Working in series, students will find several solutions to each assigned project. We’ll work on wood, paper, and other surfaces, and we may use watercolor, gouache, and oil paint with encaustic, as well as graphite, charcoal, and found objects. Although this class is centered on the combination of encaustic and mixed media, encaustic is not a requirement for all projects. All levels. Code F00D


 Jane Wells Harrison, image of work
 from her Instagram feed


Jane Wells Harrison is a studio artist who has taught at Pocosin Arts (NC), Rocky Mount Arts Center (NC), Turchin Center (NC), East Carolina University (NC). She has exhibited at Quirk Gallery (VA), Turchin Center (NC), Velvet da Vinci (San Francisco), and Studio Fusion (London) among others. Her metal work has appeared in Metalsmith: Exhibition in Print and Enameling Techniques by Linda Darty. She lives near Lenoir, NC.