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A Perfect 10

Visitors to the 10/10 exhibition were greeted by a skillful array of work, including these glass vessels by Eric DePan.

As a rule, Penland studio assistants are a hardworking bunch. They are our instructors’ right hands, helping with logistics and materials preparation and clean-ups and demos and more, while still making their own work and exploring new materials and techniques. Our fall concentration assistants have done all of that, but they didn’t stop there—this weekend, they installed an exhibition in the Flex Studio and invited our whole community to attend and enjoy it.

The show, titled 10/10, was an impressive visual testament to what is possible when energy, talent, and inspiration mix with eight weeks of immersion and experimentation in the studio. It was a beautiful, generous evening, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate before heading into the final week of the fall session.

Congratulations and a big thank you to these rad artists for a great show: Eleanor Anderson, Jake Brodsky, Eric DePan, Eric Meeker, Amy Young, Elias Sideris, Celia Jailer, DeCarlo Logan, Rachel Dominguez-Benner, and Wyatt Severs!

Studio assistants! Back row: Jake Brodsky, Elias Sideris, Rachel Dominguez-Benner, DeCarlo Logan, Eric Meeker; front row: Celia Jailer, Amy Young, Eleanor Anderson
A set of glass vessels and sculptures by Amy Young
A set of six encaustic panels by DeCarlo Logan
Ceramic pieces by Eleanor Anderson

All photographs of the installation are from textiles instructor Tim Eads. Thanks, Tim!

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Photo of the Week: Forgers

Seth Gould and Peter Ross at Penland

Seth Gould, who is leading the fall Concentration in the iron studio, and Peter Ross, who has been a guest instructor for the past two weeks, doing some forging. Seth recently completed three years as a Penland resident artist and has decided to stay in the area with his family (lucky for us). Peter was the master of the blacksmith shop in Colonial Williamsburg for 26 years. He now lives in Siler City, NC, where he makes reproductions of 18th and 19th century hardware and iron furnishing for historic buildings. In addition to being amazing blacksmiths, Seth and Peter are also expert whitesmiths — whitesmithing being the art of filing, finishing, and polishing metal. The class is title Forged and Filed, and Seth and Peter’s students have been spending as much time using files as they have using hammers.

If you are interested in super-refined work in steel, we recommend this recent video about Seth, also titled Forged and Filed. If you click over to Peter’s (under-construction) website , be sure you wait for the slideshow to start, so you can see pictures his shop and his beautiful work.