Lamina Earrings


Julia Turner
Lamina Earrings – Walnut/Black | 12049
Walnut, enamel paint, oxidized silver
2.75H x 1W x .1875D in.
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Artist Info

Julia Turner
Julia Turner creates graphic and sculptural pieces that are strong and subtle, beautifully crafted and a pleasure to live with. Her award-winning work has been exhibited internationally and has been included in numerous publications. She has taught widely, most recently at California College of the Arts and the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Her studio is currently a part of the Heath Collective and occupies a unique industrial space in San Francisco’s Mission District. Julia Received her M.F.A. in 1995.
Julia’s work is driven by a continuous exploration of materials and techniques from diverse disciplines. Her studio tables are piled with small experiments in form and surface which she arranges and re-arranges, finding tensions, creating compositions, moving ideas forward and developing the strongest impulses into finished work. She freely combines everything that interests her; mixing hot and cold connections, carving and fabricating, wood and gold, traditional enamel and industrial paint. Her work reflects a fascination with the boundary between the human-built and natural worlds, the beauty of accidental collaborations between them, and our often funny ideas about what we can and can’t control.