Summer Open Workshops

Summer 2019 Open Workshops

Enrollment is currently open for full-pay students on a first-come, first-served basis. As of July 2, the following workshops still had open spaces for full-pay students. If you don’t see the workshop you want, we encourage you to submit an application to add your name to the waiting list. Spaces often open up, and there is no charge to be added to the waiting list. This list is subject to change; please check back frequently. If you have questions about class availability call 828-765-2359 ext. 1306 to speak to the registrar.

Books & Paper

4th Session (04B) – Cultivating Attention: Nature, The Body, & the Book with Jana Harper
6th Session (06B) – RISO: An Introduction with Colin Sutherland and Mica Mead (1 space left)
7th Session (07B) – Laced-Case Parchment Bindings with Anne Hillam


7th Session (07CB) – Playing with Porcelain with Bryan Hopkins

Drawing & Painting

4th Session (04D) – Scaling Up with Anthony Lee
5th Session (05D) – The Animated Drawing with Miranda Javid


5th Session (05GA) – Investigation & Process with Therman Statom
5th Session (05GB) – Bit by Bit with Micah Evans
6th Session (06GA) – Smaller than A Breadbox with Granite Calimpong
6th Session (06GB) – Kiln-in’ It with Jessi Moore
7th Session (07GA) – Make Your Mark with Sarah Gilbert


5th Session (05I) – Design, Forge & Fabricate with Alaina Mahoney and April Franklin


5th Session (05MA) – Shape & Color: Narrative Jewelry with Kaori Juzi
5th Session (05MB) – Patterns with Raïssa Bump
6th Session (06MA) – Filigree with Douglas Harling


5th Session (05P) – Seeing 2.0 with Eric Swanson
6th Session (06P) – Casein Printing with Experimental Materials with Justyna Badach

Print & Letterpress

5th Session (05L) – No Going Back with Laura Baisden (1 space left)
5th Session (05X) – Singular Prints & Alternate Presentations with April Flanders
6th Session (06L) – Text Re-Envisioned with Inge Bruggeman
6th Session (06X) – Thinking in Reverse with Carrie and Emmy Lingscheit and Jenny Lind
7th Session (07L) – Letterpress Wood Type Production with Scott Moore
7th Session (07X) – Etch a Sketch with Jay Fox


5th Session (05TB) – Ondulé: Weaving Waves with Amy Putansu
6th Session (06TA) – Stitched Perspective with Katherine Diuguid and Nick Deford


6th Session (06W) – The Reliquary: A Place for Something with Fabiano Sarra