Teaching Movement

Teaching Movement

Movement at Penland is offered to all students at no charge. We prefer instructors willing to teach an inclusive, all-levels class for people of all disciplines and ages. 

Summer Movement Instructor

This is 1, 2, or 2.5 weeks long and is a paid position.

If you are interested in teaching movement in the summer at Penland, please email the following to programs@penland.org

  • Resume or CV
  • Proof of Certification
  • 2 references with contact information to confirm your background in yoga/movement and your training or teaching experience.
  • A title for your potential class and a short 1-3 sentence description of the “kind of movement” class you will be teaching.

Here are a few examples:

Restorative Yoga
This gentle class will guide you through body opening poses, loosening tension and relieving stress. Moving at a slower pace and holding stretches longer will allow you to relax your mind and your body. Leave relaxed, content, and ready to take on the studio! Open to students of all levels.

Active Stretch
The class is designed to get the body moving and help with muscle recovery from stress as well as from overuse during work or play. It’s an excellent way to give the body the movement it needs to remain well. The class is gentle enough for someone just starting, yet powerful enough to benefit more advanced students.

Spring and Fall 8-Week Concentration Movement Instructor

This is an 8-week work-study position.  

You must apply for a general work-study scholarship, noting your interest in being the movement work-study student.

The application will require:

  • Letter of need
  • Resume
  • References
  • Proof of Certification

If you are selected in our top applicants, we will call your references to confirm your background in yoga/movement and your training or teaching experience.

The fall scholarship application deadline is June 15. Spring scholarship applications will be available October 15 and due November 28, 2019.

More details are included in the Slideroom application form at penland.slideroom.com


Please direct questions to:

Courtney Dodd, Educational Programs Manager
828-765-2359 ext. 1313