Summer Workshop Preview

Summer 2021 Workshop Preview

The schedule below is preliminary. Courses and instructors are subject to change. Complete workshop descriptions will be available online in mid-December.

Registration is not yet open. Workshops will open for registration in January on a first-come, first-served basis. Sign up for newsletter updates to be notified about exact details. If you were registered for a 2020 workshop that got cancelled and rescheduled for 2021, please note that you must register again. We cannot role over any past registrations to these new sessions.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available for all of our summer workshops. Applications will open on Slideroom on January 1. Scholarships are open to students of all levels (beginners included!). Applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on February 17.

Questions? Please call our registrar at 828-765-2359.

Session Dates

One: May 23 – June 3
Two: June 6 – 17
Three: June 20 – July 1
Four: July 4 – 15
Five: July 18 – August 2
Six: August 8 – 19
Seven: August 22 – 27

PLEASE NOTE: We have altered our workshop schedule for 2021. Session activities run through the evening of the last date listed. Students and instructors leave after breakfast the next morning. Some aspects of Penland workshops and campus life will be modified for safety during the pandemic.

two students in the drawing studio
Books and Paper

1: Imin Yeh – Paper Work (sculpture)
2: Alexandra Janezic – Bookbinding for the Self-Publisher
3: Shawn Sheehy – Modular, Moving, Pop-Up Creatures
Andrea Peterson – Papermaking in the Field
4: Frank Hamrick – Handmade Paper and Artists’ Books
5: John DeMerritt – Contained Within: Boxes and Enclosures
Elizabeth Alexander – Cast Paper Sculpture
6: Julie Leonard and Matt Runkle – Wending Our Way: Artist Books, Zines, and Comics
Cynthia Nourse Thompson and Susan Gosin – Contemporary Papermaking for Book Arts
7: Shanna Leino – Bonefolders Elevated
May Babcock and Lindsey Beal – Foraged Photographs: Cyanotypes and Handmade Paper
Leigh Suggs – Changing Perspective: Experimenting with Paper



1: Emily Reason – Making Methods for Making Pots
Linda Lopez – Handbuilding with Colored Porcelain
2: Roberto Lugo and Thomas Lucas – Clay and Print: The Remix
3: Linda Christianson – Thoughtful Pottery
Andréa Keys Connell – Building BIG!…with a small kiln
4: Juan Barroso – Clay as Canvas
Forrest Lesch-Middelton – Handmade Tile: Design, Create, Install
5: George Bowes and Judith Salomon – Cone 5 Confluence
Kenneth Baskin – Slab Construction: Strategies for Success
6: Michael Sherrill – The Unified Object: Color, Form, Surface
7: Heesoo Lee – Dimensional Expression on Ceramic Surfaces
Aisha Harrison – Striking the Balance


Drawing and Painting

1: Julie Snidle – Encaustic and Mixed Media
2: Harriet Hoover – Stretch It, Flip It, Reverse It (drawing)
3: Brandon Donahue – Air + Brush = Ing
4: Steve Johnson – Drawing Inspiration from the Figure
5: Timothy Maddox – Sign Painting
7: Leigh Suggs – Changing Perspective: Experimenting with Paper



1: Fred Kahl and Daniel Clayman – MMM: Metaphysical Material Manipulation
2: Nisha Bansil – Paper to Glass: Firing Thin Folded Forms
3: De la Torre brothers – ReconFIGURE (sculpture)
4: Cedric Mitchell and Corey Pemberton – Touch It, Bring It (beginning hot glass)
Heather Trimlett – Flameworking A to Z
5: Kimberly Thomas-Zii – Mean What You Say (flameworking)
6: Raven Skyriver – Animalistic (hot glas sculpture)
Mathieu Grodet – Say Something with Glass (flameworking)
7: Andy Paiko – We’re on our Own (hot glass)
David Willis – Gotta Make It Somehow (flameworking)



1: Andrew Kyte – Distilling Design
2: Andrew Meers – Solid State: Introduction to Pattern Welding
3: Shingo Furukawa – Move It! (mechanical sculpture)
4: Vivian Beer and Hannah Vaughan – Design on Fire (fabrication)
5: Elizabeth Kronfield – Substitutability: Cast Iron Art Objects
6: Haley Woodward – Sculptural Forms in Steel
7: Meghan Martin – Functional Forms: Designing Tools and Utensils



1: Rachel Shimpock – Electroformerrific
Nicole Jacquard – Make, Think, Discuss, Repeat
2: Lauren Markley – Fabrication for Sculptural Jewelry
3: Sharon Massey – Contemporary Enamel
Michael Nashef – Concretion (concrete jewelry)
4: Richard Elaver – Making a Spectacle (eyeglasses)
5: Masako Onodera – Material Exploration: Bodies and Senses (mixed-media wearable)
Adam Whitney – Raising and Shaping Metal Vessels
6: Cat Bates – Glamour and Grit: Sand Casting for the Jeweler
7: Edna Madera – Gold Fusing
Kim Cridler – Drawn: The Sensitive Line



2: Sally Van Gorder – Slowing Down: Seeing with the Camera
3: Jim Stone – View Camera Workshop
5: Sean Dyroff – Photo Books
6: Christina Z. Anderson – Alternative Processes: Cyanotype, Gum, Palladium
7: May Babcock and Lindsey Beal – Foraged Photographs: Cyanotypes and Handmade Paper


Print and Letterpress

1: Althea Murphy-Price – Photo Lithography: The Captured Image
2: Yoonmi Nam – All About Mokuhanga
Ben Blount – Power of the Press: Concept, Collaboration, and Community (letterpress)
3: David Wolske – The Art of Typography
4: Kasey Ramirez – The Woodcut: Beyond Black and White
Jim Sherraden – Letterpress: Opening and Pushing the Envelope
5: Andrew Polk and Kathryn Polk – Stone Lithography
Brad Vetter – Lasers and Letterpress
6: Asuka Ohsawa – Screenprint Essentials
7: Rick Griffith – Print Like You Mean It: The Making of a Manifesto (letterpress)



2: Jeana Eve Klein – Say It Softly
Beth Ross Johnson – Reuse, Recycle: Sakiori, Sashiko, and Boro
3: Jessica V. Gatlin – Suit Yourself (garments)
Erin M. Riley – Imagery in Tapestry
4: Graham Keegan – Natural-Dye Block Print
6: Betty Maney – Cherokee White Oak Baskets
7: Stephanie Metz – Felt: Fiber in the Round
Hillary Waters Fayle – Plants: Muse and Material



2: Laura Mays – Right Angles, Wrong Angles
3: Raivo Vihman – Timber Vernacular
4: Sylvie Rosenthal – Hybrid Object Laboratory
5: Yuri Kobayashi and Chelsea Witt – Expedition to Curves
6: Daniel Michalik – Cork
7: Robell Awake – Demystifying Dovetails