Summer Workshop Preview

Summer 2020 Workshop Preview

The following is a preliminary schedule for our summer 2020 workshop lineup. Courses and instructors are subject to change. Complete workshop descriptions will be available online in mid-December.

Registration is not yet open. Workshops will open for registration January 13 at noon EST on a first-come, first-served basis. All registrations will be made through our online system. As of 2018, Penland no longer uses a lottery system for summer workshop registration.

Scholarships: Scholarships are available for all of our summer workshops. Applications will be available on Slideroom on January 1. Scholarships are open to students of all levels (beginners included!). Applications must be submitted by midnight on February 17. A list of open studio assistant positions will be posted by January 1.

Questions? Please call our registrar at 828-765-2359.

Session Dates
Session 1: May 24-June 5
Session 2: June 7-19
Session 3: June 21-July 3
Session 4: July 5-17
Session 5: July 19-August 4
Session 6: August 9-21
Session 7: August 23-29

two students in the drawing studio

Books and Paper
1: Hong Hong—large-scale paper
2: Maria Veronica San Martin—artists’ books
2: Delany Smith—cast paper sculpture
3: Frank Hamrick—papermaking and books
4: Rory Sparks—books
4: Andrea Peterson—papermaking
5: John DeMerritt—boxes and enclosures
5: Elizabeth Alexander—cast paper sculpture
6: Béatrice Coron and Colette Fu—papercutting and pop-ups
7: Jeffrey Altepeter—leather bindings
7: Leigh Suggs—experimentation with paper
7: May Babcock and Lindsey Beal—cyanotype and papermaking

1: Lindsay Oesterritter—wheelthrown and handbuilt pots
1: Lynn Duryea and Holly Walker—handbuilt pots and sculpture
2: Sanam Emami—wheelthrown serving dishes
2: Del Harrow—ceramic sculpture
3: Courtney Martin—handbuilt serving dishes
3: Shiyuan Xu—paperclay sculpture
4: Sue Tirrell­—wheelthrown and handbuilt vessels
4: Forrest Lesch-Middelton—tile making
5: Kyle Carpenter and Michael Kline—surface design for pottery
5: Arturo Córdova and Cristina Córdova—figurative sculpture and stop-motion animation
6: Michael Sherrill—porcelain and color
6: Pattie Chalmers—narrative ceramic sculpture
7: Heesoo Lee—surface design on vessels
7: Elena Renker—kurinuki

Drawing and Painting
1: Susan Goethel Campbell—mixed media explorations
2: Harriet Hoover—exploratory drawing
3: Rosy Lamb—observational oil painting
4: Curtis Bartone—drawing survey
5: Alberto Mier—sketch books
6: Yolanda Sánchez—painting: landscape through abstraction
7: Leigh Suggs—experimentation with paper

1: Jasen Johnsen and Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen—hot glass sculpture (intermediate)
1: Jeff Heath—flameworked sculpture
2: Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz—hot glass (intermediate)
2: Caterina Zucchi—flameworking: blown glass beads
3: Kazuki Takizawa—cane and murrine
3: John Littleton and Kate Vogel—molded glass
4: Nancy Callan and Mel Douglas—hot glass (intermediate)
4: Anne Petters—pâte de verre
5: Megan Biddle—glass sculpture
5: Lisa Demagall—flameworked sculpture
6: Joe Grant—hot glass (beginning)
6: Kimberly Thomas (Zii)—flameworked sculpture
7: Michael C. Krupiarz—hot glass (advanced beginning)
7: Michael Endo—kilnformed glass paintings

1: Christoph Friedrich—forged sculpture
2: Daniel Souto and Stephen Yusko—forging, forming, fabrication
3: Ellen Durkan—wearable forgings
4: Maegan Crowley—steel sculpture
5: Vivian Beer and Hannah Vaughan—fabrication and furniture
6: Jay Burnham-Kidwell—blacksmithing
7: Andrew Kyte—design in steel

Letterpress and Printmaking
1: Yoonmi Nam—Japanese woodcut printmaking
2: Ben Blount—letterpress
2: Kasey Ramirez—woodcut
3: Jim Sherradan—letterpress
3: Kristina Paabus—intaglio
4: David Wolske—letterpress: images from type
4: John Hitchcock—screenprinting
5: Bryce McCloud—letterpress
5: Andrew Polk and Kathryn Polk—lithography
6: Brad Vetter—letterpress
6: Asuka Ohsawa—screenprinting

1: Rachel Shimpock—electroforming and enamel
1: Nicole Jacquard—alternative materials
2: Lauren Markley—sculptural jewelry
2: Masakatsu Chiba and Yurico Saka—Japanese engraving
3: Sharon Massey—enamel
3: Jaydan Moore—fabrication
4: Richard Elaver—eyeglasses
4: Cat Bates—sandcasting
5: Masako Onodera—nontraditional materials, wearable objects
5: Adam Whitney­—raised vessels
6: Ruta Reifen—lost-wax casting
6: Julia Woodman—flatware
7: Edna Madera—gold fusing
7: Kim Cridler—wire forms

1: Pipo Nguyen-duy—documentary (digital + some darkroom)
2: Jim Stone—view cameras (darkroom)
3: Richard Tuschman—poetic photographs (digital)
4: Elizabeth Ellenwood—cameraless photography (darkroom/digital)
5: Jeff Goodman—time-based photography (digital)
6: Susan Bryant—hand-colored darkroom prints
7: May Babcock and Lindsey Beal—cyanotype and papermaking

1: Jeana Eve Klein—text in textiles
1: Andrea Donnelly—weaving
2: Akemi Nakano Cohn—katazome and indigo
3: Graham Keegan—block printing with natural dyes
3: Mo Kelman—textile sculpture
4: Jessica Gatlin—garment modification and construction
4: Adele Stafford—weaving and culture
5: Ann B. Coddington—sculptural baskets
5: Elisabeth Hill—weaving
6: Yoshiko I. Wada—boro and indigo
6: Edwina Bringle—weaving
7: Stephanie Metz—felt sculpture
7: Hillary Waters Fayle—plant materials and mixed media

1: Yuri Kobayashi—bending wood
2: Laura Mays—cabinets, boxes, complex angles
3: Adrien Segal—curved shapes for furniture and sculpture
4: Sylvie Rosenthal—functional and sculptural objects
5: Raivo Vihman—timber-frame construction techniques
6: Daniel Michalik—cork construction
7: Aspen Golann and Julian Watts—carving