Summer Open Workshops

Summer 2021 Workshop with Open Spaces

As of July 27, the following workshops still had at least one open space. If you don’t see the workshop you want, we encourage you to add your name to the waiting list, which you can do here. Spaces often open up, and there is no charge to be added to the waiting list. This list is subject to change; please check back frequently.

To confirm current workshop availability, find the workshop in our registration system or call 828-765-2359.

Session Dates

One: gone
Two: gone
Three: gone
Four: gone
Five: in process
Six: August 8 – 19
Seven: August 22 – 27

Workshop listings by session.

Headings below are links to workshop listings by studio.

two students in the drawing studio
Books and Paper

Session 7: Shanna Leino – Bonefolders Elevated



No open workshops at this time.


Drawing and Painting

Session 7: Leigh Suggs – Changing Perspective: Experimenting with Paper



No open workshops at this time.



No open workshops at this time.



No open workshops at this time



No open workshops at this time.


Print and Letterpress

Session 6: Asuka Ohsawa – Screenprint Essentials



No open workshops at this time.



Session 6: Daniel Michalik – Cork
Session 7: Brandy Clements and Dave Klinger – Handwoven Chair Caning