Spring Workshop Preview

Spring 2022 Workshop Preview

Registration opens on Friday, October 8th at 12:00 PM ET!

Penland’s 2022 spring workshop program will include two distinct sessions. Our signature concentration workshops are two months long giving makers a rare opportunity to settle into the studio for an extended time, taking advantage of beautifully-equipped studios, first-rate instruction, the camaraderie of a cohort of fellow enthusiasts, great food, and the wonder of spring in the southern Appalachian mountains. 

This will be followed by a special session, running from Sunday night through Friday morning, for folks who want to dip into a particular medium or technique or just need a creative break from the rest of their lives. 

All spring workshops are open to participants of all skill levels (with one exception, which is noted); beginners are welcome.

 Registration begins at Noon (ET) on Friday, October 8.

Scholarships are available for all of these workshops. The scholarship application deadline is December 3, 2021.

Enrollment for full-paying students remains open until workshops are filled. Waiting lists are available for all full workshops. 

Spring Concentration
March 6–April 29, 2022

Parts Unknown with Caroline Douglas and Jenny Mendes
Explore form and narrative using low- and high-fire clay.

Intentions and Inventions with Dan Mirer
Dive into hot glass, including many methods for making and using blow molds.

Print/Process/Production with Jamie Karolich
Learn multiple printing techniques: handset type, polymer plate, die cutting, relief printing, and more.

Wunderkammer with Suzanne Pugh
Pursue perfect and odd objects through fabrication, forming, and lost-wax casting.

Processing Process with Mercedes Jelinek
Make images through analog, digital, hybrid, and alternative photographic processes.

Body as Armature with Erika Diamond
Using many materials, create sculptural forms for the body.

Spruce It Up! with Christina Boy
Make small pieces of furniture to spruce up your space.

Special Session
May 1–6, 2022

Origami: Theory and Craft with Brian Chan
Fold many shapes from paper while learning the theory and history of the form.

Don’t Sweat the Technique with Kurt Anderson
Learn surface decoration techniques on simple ceramic forms.

Mixed-Media Memories/Personal Narratives with René Marquez
Create mixed-media drawing and painting exploring personal stories.

Blown to Fruition with Sibelle Yuksek (Sibelley)
Develop skills in flameworked glass through figurative, hollow sculpture.

Three-Legged Smith’s Helper with Peter Ross
Explore blacksmithing techniques while making a specialized smithing tool. Intermediate/advanced level.

Hold the Line with Ellen Wieske
Manipulate black steel wire to make a variety of objects and forms. 

Word and Image with Stuart Kestenbaum and Susan Webster
Make images that inspire writing, writing that inspires images, and work that combines the two. 

Handweaving: Foundations and Exploration with Amanda Thatch
Explore the practical and poetic aspects of creating unique cloth by hand. 

The Art of the Bandsaw Box with Jenna Goldberg
Learn the simple technique of making bandsaw boxes and enhance them through multiple surface design techniques.