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Wood Summer Session 7

Wood Summer Session 7
August 23-29, 2020
Aspen Golann & Julian Watts
Sculptural Carving: Spoons

Explore the potential of woodcarving by transforming the wooden spoon into an abstract, sculptural object. We’ll discuss the intersection of craft, design, and art, and challenge our preconceptions about the role that form and function play in the everyday objects around us. Each student will design and carve a sculptural wooden spoon that subverts, exaggerates, or illuminates something new about this familiar utensil. We’ll survey historic and contemporary designs and cover traditional and modern carving techniques, essential power tools, wood species selection, wood grain, sanding, and finishing. All levels. Code 07W

Aspen: studio artist, Penland wood studio coordinator; teaching: Lie Nielsen Toolworks (ME), Haystack (ME). Julian: studio artist; teaching: California College of the Arts, Anderson Ranch (CO), Haystack (ME); representation: Patrick Parrish Gallery (NYC).

view of the carved arm of an elaborate pink velvet chair
Aspen Golann, detail of "Pink Throne," mahogany carving, ash structure, silk, velvet
grouping of carved, non-functional spoon objects
Julian Watts, "Maple Utensil Collection," bleached maple, dimensions variable