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Wood Summer Session 4

JULY 2–14, 2023
Tom Huang
A la Carte

Through technical instruction in the fundamentals of design and woodworking, students will learn basic design and construction drawing skills along with woodworking and joinery skills. Students will work toward designing and building a small “a la carte” piece (maybe a side or accent table) that will strive to metaphorically and literally heighten the margins of our experience. The workshop will be geared toward novices in furniture making and design, but experienced makers from all backgrounds are welcome to join us as we explore both subject matters. All levels.


Notes on “a la carte”: In the culinary world, this term refers to menu items that can be ordered outside of a planned meal. It also suggests that these smaller items are worthy of attention and consideration. We’ll explore this idea in direct correlation to furniture making and also as a metaphor that encapsulates what we are all experiencing as conversations evolve to heighten awareness and understanding of identities that have traditionally been marginalized. 

Associate professor at University of Kansas; Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Fellowship (ME); has exhibited nationally including Delaware Center for Contemporary Art; publications: American Craft, Bespoke: Furniture from 101 International Artists by E. Ashley Rooney, Bamboo Design Guide and 59 Case Studies by Eduard Broto, and Booming Bamboo by Pablo van der Lugt. | @tomahawkku 

Tom Huang, Spring Rain (umbrella caddy), cherry, milk paint, 24 x 7 x 7 inches
Tom Huang, Spring Rain (umbrella caddy), cherry, milk paint, 24 x 7 x 7 inches