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Wood Summer Session 4

Wood Summer Session 4
July 4-15, 2021
Sylvie Rosenthal
Hybrid Object Laboratory

In this workshop students will learn traditional and alternative processes for making functional and sculptural hybrid objects: objects that present or perform unlikely combinations. The work will be assembled and carved, using both additive and subtractive techniques. We’ll cover lamination, joinery, curved and not-square pieces, and small architectural components, along with safe and appropriate machine tool, hand-held power tool, and hand tool usage as we make objects the world has never imagined. All levels. 

Studio artist; teaching: University of Wisconsin-Madison; California College of the Arts, Haystack (ME), Anderson Ranch (CO), Australian National University, Tainan National University (Taiwan); exhibitions: Fuller Craft Museum (MA), Mint Museum (NC), Museum of Arts and Design (NYC).

black moped front with a large cat's legs and tail in back
Sylvie Rosenthal, "Battle Cat (possible futures)," bass, steel, epoxy, paint, half a moped, 
33 x 22 x 90 inches