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Wood Summer Session 3

Wood Summer Session 3
June 21 – July 3, 2020
Adrien Segal
Carve, Bend, Shape

Both rigid and flexible, wood is an ideal material for creating curvaceous shapes, yet it is often made to be flat, straight, and square. We’ll cover many ways to transform wood into sculptural forms and furniture through additive and subtractive carving, bent and stack laminations, and dynamic joinery. Demonstrations will emphasize the safe use of power tools for rough shaping and hand-held tools for achieving detailed shapes, patterns, textures, and refining smooth forms into finished pieces of furniture or sculpture. A process of quick iteration will facilitate design and experimentation with various methods for creating organic shapes in wood. Students of all levels of woodworking will gain new skills. Code 03W

Studio artist; teaching: California College of the Arts, University of San Francisco; residencies: Benchspace Cork (Ireland), Center for Art in Wood (Philadelphia); publications: American Craft, 500 Tables, Data Flow 2.

bench carved into smooth, organic curves
Adrien Segal, "Strata Bench," carved plywood, 29 x 96 x 31 inches