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Textiles B Summer Session 7

Textiles Summer Session 7
August 23-29, 2020
Hillary Waters Fayle
Plants: Muse, Medium & Material

This workshop will be a blend of art, science, and natural history focused on botanical collaboration. We’ll spend time looking at and learning about plants: taking guided walks, drawing, stitching, spinning, sketching, pressing, printing, painting, and studying botanical material. We’ll also experiment with leaves and other plant materials as substrates that can be woven, cut, knotted, stitched, collaged, etc. We’ll source plants, nuts, seeds, and other materials to brew inks and dyes for textiles and paper. Plants and other botanical materials will be our means to explore the connections between nature and humanity. All levels. NOTE: Textiles workshops are taught in walk-up studios accessible by a stair lift. Code 07TB

Assistant professor and head of fibers at Virginia Commonwealth University; exhibitions: Blue Spiral 1 (NC), Sager Braudis Gallery (MO), Pensacola Museum of Art (FL), Ellen Noel Art Museum (TX).

circle of embroidered leaves
Hillary Waters Fayle, "Circular Meditations I & II," stitched and embroidered holly leaves, 
14 x 14 inches