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Textiles B Summer Session 7

Textiles Summer Session 7
August 14–19
Karen Hampton
Strip-Woven Storytelling

Everyone has a story and the act of storytelling is healing for both the teller and the audience. In this workshop, inspired by the Kenté cloth weavers of Ghana, we’ll blend storytelling and weaving using shapes and symbols on painted warps that will be woven into long strips and then sewn together to create beautiful, woven designs. We’ll create imagery and pattern on warps through painting, dyeing, printing, and discharge. We’ll conclude the workshop by hand-stitching our strips together. All levels. Lower textiles studio.

Assistant professor at Massachusetts College of Art; residencies: Michigan State University, Sacatar Foundation (Brazil), St. Mary’s Art Center (NV); exhibitions: Honolulu Museum of Art, Wellin Museum of Art (NY), Jack Bell Gallery (London), Gallery Fritz (Santa Fe). | @k.d28

Karen Hampton, Memories, cotton, 35-1/4 x 30-1/4 inches
Karen Hampton, Memories, cotton, 35-1/4 x 30-1/4 inches