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Spring Short Session Drawing and Painting

Drawing & Painting–Spring Short Session
April 30 – May 5, 2023 (4 studio days)
Brooke Rothshank
Tiny Gratitudes

This workshop is designed to open our eyes to the details of life! We’ll create intricate, miniature paintings guided by the theme of gratitude. Students will learn how to make one-inch by one-inch designs using pencils and paper as well as basic Photoshop. We’ll experiment with watercolor and egg tempera paints. In the mornings students will have the option to paint imagery pre-drawn by Brooke; afternoons will be dedicated to original student work. We’ll have daily demonstrations, discussions about gratitude and creativity, time to journal, and room to experiment.  All levels. 

Painter/illustrator; teaching: International Guild of Miniature Artisans School (ME); International Guild of Miniature Artisans independent study grant, Indiana State Arts Council individual advancement grant; author of Tiny Gratitudes (Parallax Press); work featured in Miniature Collector and Dollhouse Miniatures magazines. | @blrothshank

painting by Brooke Rothshank
Brooke Rothshank, Greta, watercolor, 1-1/2 inches diameter