Cocktail Ring


Stacey Lane
Cocktail Ring
Sterling silver, hazy blue stone
Size 5, Stone Setting: .5H x .5W x .5D inches
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Bakersville, NC

Metals | Jewelry

Penland Affiliation | Penland instructor 2005, 2007, 2011, 2014, 2019, Penland Studio Coordinator 1997-1999, Penland Director of Student Affairs 1999-2006, current Penland Community Collaborations Manager 2006 – present

Artist Information | Studio artist; education: University of Georgia, Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (TN); teaching: Penland School (NC), Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts (TN); exhibitions: Penland Gallery, Mora Gallery (NC)

Artist Statement | I hope that my work conveys a sense of humor, warmth and elegance. I believe in jewelry’s potential to be symbolic, sentimental, superfluous, necessary, and even hopeful. To minimize my impact on the environment, I use recycled metal, look for responsibly mined gemstones, and use non-toxic material wherever possible.

In much of my jewelry, I use the remarkable lost-wax casting process. It enables me to transform soft, pliable wax into intricate metal objects. I leave marks on my pieces that emphasize that they are made by hands. The cast pieces are inspired by sources ranging from historical jewelry, to Dutch still-life painting, to Beatrix Potter. Each one has a slightly different personality. I embrace tiny imperfections in the stones and surfaces – that way the Evil Eye won’t want them!

Technical Information | Cast and fabricated jewelry in gold, silver, bronze, engraving, stone setting